Let’s visit Sonargaon Museum, Panam Nagar, Meghna river bank together.

1. Sonargaon Museum
Sonargaon is a glorious ancient town in the history of Bengal. Sonargaon was also the capital of ancient Bengal for about three hundred years.
Sonargaon was chosen to look back on our golden tradition against the backdrop of the Sultanate period.
The importance of Sonargaon faded after the capital was shifted to Dhaka in 1608 during the reign of Mughal Subedar Islam Khan. Yet Sonargaon also takes us back to the golden past.




2. Panam Nagar:
Panam Nagar is one of the 100 most ruined historical cities in the world located at Sonargaon in Narayanganj district. Panam is the oldest city in Bengal.
At one time people from rich Hindu community lived here. Muslin was a thriving business. There is nothing left of that ancient city.
Now there are only historical old houses to visit. Panam Nagar was the capital of Bengal during the reign of Isa Khan.
Big City, Khas Nagar, Panam Nagar – Of these three cities of ancient Sonargaon, Panama was the most interesting. There are many buildings here that are centuries old,
Which is related to the history of the Bar Bhuiyans of Bengal. It is located at Sonargaon, 26 km south-east of Narayanganj, very close to Dhaka.
The city is spread over an area of ​​20 sq km in Sonargaon. Historically it is a very important city.
It is known that a university was established here in the 1400s where famous teachers of the world used to come to teach






There are a total of 52 colonial installations on both sides of the city of Panama. There are 31 installations on the north and 21 on the south.

3. Bank of Meghna river

After visiting Panam Nagar, we went straight to the banks of the river Meghna. Today’s weather and cold air, all in one different feeling.
The work of lifting sand on the bank is going on. Ah! Meghna water, waves are touching the feet!

*** How I got there: From Gulistan in Dhaka by Borak AC bus directly to Mograpara bus stand (fare 50) and from there straight to the museum by rickshaw.
Get out of the museum and drive directly to Panam Nagar.


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