Let’s visit Teota Zamindar Bari in Manikganj.

There are many places that can be visited from Dhaka city in one day. In the meantime, there are not many posts about Teota travel in this group, or many people do not know about this beautiful area. Today I will tell you the story of visiting Teota zamindar’s house and eating fresh Padma hilsa from Aricha. Yes Aricha on the banks of the river Jamuna. And 5-6 km away from Aricha is the confluence of Padma and Jamuna rivers.





Teota zamindar house in Manikganj is one of the ancient monuments of the country. The Navaratna Math, established by zamindar Shyamshankar Roy, has made the village of Dhaka Teota a land of greenery along the banks of the river Jamuna in Shibalaya upazila of Manikganj district.

This village of Teota in Shibalaya upazila of Manikganj has become more prominent due to the memory of our national poet Nazrul Islam and his wife Pramila. Premila, a girl from Teota village.





How to get there?
Come to Gabtali first. Get on the bus from Gabtali to Aricha Ghat. The rent will be 90-100 TK, if you make a bargain, you will agree to 60-70 TK.

BRTC, Padma line bus goes directly to Aricha Ghat. It will take about two and a half to three hours.






Some buses go to Paturia. Those who get on the Paturia or long distance bus will get off at Uthuli Bazar and from there take auto / CNG to Aricha Ghat. Auto rent 10 rupees per person. It will take about 10 minutes.

Nilachal buses ply from Dhaka to New Market Kalabagan, Shyamoli and Paturia. They will go down to Uthuli Bazaar and take auto / CNG to Aricha Ghat.

Go down to Aricha Ghat and see the wide river Jamuna. The sound of water there, the vast expanse of water splashing will fascinate you. You can spend a lot of time there. If you want, you can take a speed boat across the river or in the middle of the river. Your mind is bound to be good.

After visiting here, have lunch at Aricha Ghat, and of course with hilsa fish. Ask them to fry fresh hilsa before eating. The price is within reach. And yes, the water here is not very good, so if possible, buy bottled water.

Then go to Teota zamindar house by auto or CNG from Aricha ghat / market / bus stand. Rent 10 rupees per person. Time is like 10-15 minutes. You will find the most beautiful scenery of this trip on the way. The road you will take starts from the left side of the road and the vast body of water of the river Jamuna, only water and water as far as the eye can see. And all the tin houses adjoining the road on the right side of the road. This reminds us of Marine Drive in Cox’s Bazar. Some of our friends were joking about poor Marine Drive. (I gave a video of it)

To see this impossibly beautiful view you will reach Teota Zamindar Bari. There is a big tank in front of this zamindar’s house. The tank is now blocked. Premila Devi used to come to bathe in this lake. He used to call the poet Nazrul Islam a poet. Once, when Premila went to take a bath in the pond of the house, the poet became fascinated by her form and said-
“I wish you were beautiful, dear.
Seki is my crime. “





According to local sources, the age of the Teota zamindar house is over 300 years. According to the history of the district, at the beginning of the seventeenth century, a fatherless poor teenager named Pachusen made a fortune by trading tobacco through his honesty and diligence. Poor Pachusen bought zamindari in Joyganj of Dinajpur and became Panchanan Sen. He then built this zamindar house at Teota in Shivalaya.

Hemshankar Estate took over the buildings on the north side of the main building of the zamindar’s house and Jayashankar Estate took over the buildings on the south side. In front of each estate there is a theater in the middle of a square building. The Laldighi house on the east side was the inner court of the zamindars. In front of the inner palace, there are two paved ghats, at the bottom of the building on the south side of which there is a secret chamber which is called Andhakup by the people of the area. Standing in front of the north building is the 4-storey 75 feet high Navaratna Math. There are 4 monasteries around the 1st and 2nd floor. Teota zamindar house This zamindar house is established on 6.38 acres of land.

A lot of time will be spent unknowingly looking at the whole house and its surroundings.

The house did not seem to have anyone to look after it. Moreover, he is wandering around as much as he can, throwing packets of chips, water bottles, packets of biryani or packets of cigarettes.

This historic place can become more beautiful if we who are traveling there are a little careful and not dirty. The Teota area and the zamindar’s house are a place reminiscent of Nazrul-Pramila. Several memories of Nazrul have been found here. So the house needs to be revised and saved to bring back its lost beauty. Then very soon it could be one of the most spectacular places.


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