Let’s visit the five hills of Delhi this summer

Boishakh means hot. It has been hot since the end of Chaitra. The heat wave has already started in Delhi. Summer vacation ahead. You can visit this holiday from Delhi, India. You can see the hill villages there. Find out about places-




Landsdowns: Landsdowns near Uttarakhand, India. Here you will find oak and pine trees. This hilly forest surrounded by trees is very popular with everyone. So when the holiday is over, everyone gathers here. Anyone from home and abroad can come back. For that you can inquire about travel visa.

Dhanaulati: This hilly town at an altitude of 2,026 meters is very popular with tourists. Locals who live in the city; They go here again and again to get a taste of the two-day release. You can also come back from Bangladesh. In that case all the visa related activities have to be completed.







Kasauli: This quiet hill station is very popular with writers. Many people come here to do their work with one mind. Monkey Point and Gurudwara are very popular here. Those who go to India in summer for various activities, they must come back from here by chance.

Almora: Almora is located just 500 km from Lakshmau. One of the summer vacation destinations for the amazing beauty of nature. Many people from Bangladesh also visit there as a neighboring country.

Servant: Want to have breakfast while looking at the snow-capped peaks? Then come back from here. You can take the impression of cold by pressing the pullover even in this heat. Anyone from Bangladesh can come here if they want.


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