Lost tour plan for one day.

Sunamganj is the capital of Haor. There are several picturesque haors in this district.

A place of pilgrimage lost for a day. The tour plan is as follows- to come to Sunamganj by night car from any district of the country and to reach Shimulbagan, Niladri, Bariktila, Lakmachhara and Jadukata rivers of Tahirpur and reach your destination by night car again.
I can say so much, don’t be disappointed. Come back with many memories and adventures. The mind is bound to be refreshed.




And don’t forget to eat pure milk rasmalai, yoghurt and sweets from the market on the way back from Niladri.

Sunamganj district is completely unique in its own characteristics. You will find step by step proof of this.




Now let’s travel

From Dhaka / Sunamganj by night car from any district, fare 300-500 TK. In the morning you have to get off on the bridge in front of the old bus stop. , Khichuri / Parota breakfast from New Panch Bhai of Bishwambapur. After crossing the river, Shimulbagan, Lakmachhara, Niladri and Bariktila pass through Adibasipalli after having light breakfast including Misti, Rasmalai in the market. Take a tour of the city.


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