Mahamaya Kayaking:

Kayaking is the name of the most popular adventure sports in the world. The idea is completely new in our country. Kayaking was first started in Kaptai, the largest artificial lake in our country. This thrilling sport of floating in the water quickly became popular.







Mahamaya Lake in Mirsarai, Chittagong is like a magic. Once you go, you will want to go again and again. The whole area is a wonderful green land of natural beauty. Small and big hills with innumerable Uki, very clear blue water wrapped in green sheet on all four sides and you will want to get lost in the silence of Shunsan alone far away. As the afternoon progresses, the shape of the lake increases. Nature is dense, green hills are far away.







After Kaptai, a new episode of kayaking has been added to attract tourists in such an environment. The experience of kayaking in Mahamaya surrounded by mountains is strangely beautiful. Become a boatman of your own and observe the majestic beautiful green mountains. You can see a clear picture of yourself in the clear water of your mind. Where Mahamaya used to be only a family entertainment place, now Mahamaya is gaining popularity relatively fast due to kayaking from Dhaka and Chittagong. It is attracting the attention of young people. The crowd. Hundreds of visitors are kayaking every day.









Shamim Janal, younger brother of one of the captains of Mahamaya Kayaking Point, said that after Kaptai in Bangladesh, there are kayak boats here. Nowhere else do passengers have the opportunity to take such adventures. Mahamaya kayaks are more advanced and safer than elsewhere. These have been imported entirely from outside.








You can walk 6 kilometers in the middle of the lake to have a fun kayaking experience. You only have to pay 300 rupees per hour. This cost is even less for the students. Only 200 TK. 2 people can ride one boat. There is a demarcated boundary line. Tourists have to pay a fine of Tk 1,000 if they go beyond that. The unique experience of going around for 2 hours will be forever memorable in your life, that’s for sure.



Would it be better to delay such an experience? But not! Enjoy your trip.

Pathghat: You have to get off the Dhaka-Chittagong bus directly at Thakurdighi Bazar in Mirsarai. If you stay in Dhaka before Mirsarai and if you leave Chittagong after Mirsarai. From there you can reach Mahamaya in just a few minutes by adding CNG or autorickshaw.


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