Mahamaya Lake, Thakurdighi.

The biggest attraction of Mirsarai is Mahamaya Lake. The stunning beauty of the mountains and lakes all around, as well as the clear blue water. There are mountain springs on the other side of the lake.




How to get there:

Get on a Dhaka-bound local bus from Alangkar or Ake Khan bus stand in Chittagong. The rent will be 80-100 rupees. This lake is on the bank of Thakurdighi in front of Mirsarai. If you call the driver “Mahamaya Lake”, they will drop you off at a specific place. From there you can go to the lake by rickshaw or CNG. Ticket entry at the gate is 10 rupees.





Things to do:

There are no good quality restaurants around the lake. So keep some dry food and drinking water with you. When you take a circle of friends, you will try to be a team together. If you want to do kayaking on the lake, it will cost 300 rupees. And if you take your family, you can go around the whole lake by boat. Then the cost will be around 800-1000 TK.




Very early in the morning or afternoon to explore the surroundings of Best Lake. For those who like trekking in the mountains or the view of the lake, this is definitely a surprise. Happy traveling 🙂


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