Majidbaria Shahi Mosque, Patuakhali.

From the time of the spread of Islam in the subcontinent, various Muslim architectures were developed here. These mosques have gained the status of important antiquities in terms of construction style and past history. However, due to lack of proper maintenance, the existence of these installations is under threat today. Despite witnessing a period of hundreds of years, they are lost today. Majidbaria Shahi Jame Mosque is a unique example of historical Muslim architecture built about 500 years ago.







Majidbaria Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in the southern part of Bangladesh. Built during the Sultanate period, this mosque is a unique example of Muslim architecture and rule. The mosque is located in Majidbaria village of Mirzaganj in Patuakhali district. The area is named after the mosque. In this area it is known as ‘Masjid-e-Majidbaria Shahi Masjid’.

“Majidbaria Shahi Jame Mosque”










An inscription on the history of this mosque gives some information about its construction. The inscription is preserved in the museum of the Asiatic Society of Calcutta. In 180, Commissioner Mr. This information is known from the report of the rally. According to the information received, the mosque was built by Khan-i-Moazzem Ujial Khan in 1475 during the reign of Nawab Ruknuddin Barbak of Ilias Shahi dynasty.

However, like other ancient mosques, there are many stories about this mosque among the locals. According to them, the mosque rises from the ground at some point and is said to have some miraculous power.







“Majidbaria Shahi Jame Mosque”

The style of construction of this ancient mosque is very interesting. The main room of this mosque, which is 49 feet long and 35 feet wide, is square. Exquisite craftsmanship can be seen in its eight arched pillars resembling three arches and six minarets. The huge dome is the main attraction. The dome is made of limestone and burnt clay bricks.

Besides, there are graves of Yakin Shah and Kala Shah in the mosque premises. There is also a dighi.










How to get there:

Launch travel is the most comfortable and relatively safer way to travel from Dhaka to Patuakhali. From Sadarghat to Sundarban, Kajal, Sattar Khan, Prince Awlad and AR Khan launch will take 300-1000 rupees to reach Patuakhali.

Besides, Patuakhali can also be reached by road. From Dhaka’s Gabtali bus stand, Sakura Paribahan and other transport buses leave for Patuakhali every hour of the day. Most of the buses pass through Paturia Ghat, but some reach Patuakhali through Mawa Ghat. Almost all of the express bus services are ferry-crossings.

Besides, other transports including BRTC from Gulistan or Jatrabari in Dhaka can come to Mawa by ferry, launch or speed boat and cross the river by other means.

Aussie has recently launched AC service of Sakura Paribahan and BRTC on Dhaka-Kalapara route.

It will cost 150 rupees to go from Patuakhali to Majidbaria in Mirzaganj.


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