Mangrove forest Sundarbans.

Aslam is the only mangrove forest in the country. If someone asks me “Which is the best tour of your life?” My answer is definitely the Sundarbans Tour.

Our journey started from JU campus on 26th November at 11 pm. There was a tour of the department and we went to a total of 112 people. We reached Khulna at 5 am on 26 November and the launch carrying us started at 6 am for the Sundarbans. Our main journey started from Mongla with 3 forest guards.
First we reached Harbaria Forest Range. This is where the movie ROAR was shot. The place is very beautiful. There was a tiger around like Phil: D. From there our launch left for Katkar at 2 pm. Around 10 pm we reached Cuttack and anchored there.










The scene I saw when I woke up on the morning of November 26 cannot be explained. Many Chitra deer are roaming on the bank. At 7:30 we went by trawler to Cuttack Forest Range. The two deer in the picture are taken here. And the Cuttack Forest Range is all along the side of the beach. The deer will be seen from afar, and if it gets closer, it will go away. After breakfast I left for Katka Jamtail beach. If you want to go to the beach here, you have to cross a huge field. Even while walking through the field, it seemed as if there were tigers around. : p There is a Watchtower as soon as you cross the field, everyone must get up. You will get a separate Ekota Phil. Then I came to the beach. Jamtail Seabich is a lot of beautiful, but a lot of quicksand. If someone goes, you should not take a bath. After that we went back to the launch and went through the Bay of Bengal to Dublar Char. The launch anchors just before the char. We reached Dublar Char by trawler. Dublar Char in particular is famous for its Rasmeela and is one of the largest dry villages in Bangladesh. If anyone goes, he must buy dry goods and bring them. The launch then leaves for Heronpoint to back up. We arrived at 9:30 pm, where the launch anchored.
On the morning of November 29, we left for Heronpoint. Here you can walk a long distance on a wooden walkway. I went around and went to Karamjal. Karamjal has artificial crocodile and deer breeding centers. Interestingly, there is a Romeo-Juliet crocodile couple here. They leave as soon as you call them by their names. : D Then we set off for Khulna. We got off at 11 pm and left for Dhaka by bus.












Our tour was arranged by Ever Youth Tourism.
Saurabh Bhai, Shamim Bhai, Rajiv Bhai were our guides. They gave the whole direction to tour the entire Sundarbans. They are very nice people and friendly. We went to the student package. We had 7500 TK. Coming and going on the bus, staying at the launch, eating and drinking were all included in it.




At the end I will say “You should visit the Sundarbans at least once in a lifetime. It is the only mangrove forest in the country. You can see a lot of beautiful natural views. “


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