Mayaban travel draws in the beauty of nature.

The daughter of nature Sylhet is known for its unique forms of Jaflong, Bichanakandi, Panthumai, Ratargul. Although Ratargul is the first swamp forest in the country, Mayaban is another three times larger freshwater forest. Sari Ghat Bazar is 37 km from Sylhet across Tamabil Road. Bekra canal can be seen in this market to see the shady sunibir rural life along the road on the left! From there you have to go to Maya forest with Pansi! There is no end to the magical beauty in this huge forest of about 1100 acres! Different species of trees are standing in the clear wetlands of the silent forest. In the meantime, the humming of unknown birds makes the ears honey. Moving the fish in the midst of the water will give a different kind of satisfaction as if it is in someone’s eyeballs. Mayaban reaches full youth in the monsoon season. However, the forest is submerged in water almost all year round! Mayaban, which is almost three times bigger than Ratargul and full of biodiversity, maybe one of the other tourist destinations in the country. Recently, four friends left Sylhet to see this Mayaban. Mayabanta is not a well-known name so very few people come here to see it. Due to which our boat is speeding to get. After waiting for a long time, with the help of a local man, we reached Bekra canal in 8 minutes by fishing boat. I like the best of the place because of the humming of the birds and the quiet environment.



How to get there: First from Bandar Bazar in Sylhet to Sarighat in Laguna. The rent is 30 TK per person. From Sarighat Bazar to Gowainghat on the west side by CNG to Bekhra canal bridge 20 TK per person. Boat rental for four people 200 TK.



** We are the main enemy of our nature wherever we go. I refrain from doing anything that harms nature. Let the awareness start from yourself.


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