Mayung Kapal Para is another name for how to go to Hatimura Stair Travel.

I have to come a little farther after crossing the Panchhari Jamtali Stadium in a hurry.
Then start trekking along the road on the left, after a short walk to the Chengi River. It will not take two minutes to cross the river and then you have to pay 5 rupees for the boat fare before going to the right. After going straight, you will see two roads with the shop. Go through the road on the left side and you will find the shop again. You will start walking on the right side. You will get some water. You will find a road to go down, a little slippery road, go down again, walk on the left side of the water path, you will see the road above, you will walk along that path, you will find two roads in front of a house, you will walk straight along the left road, you will have to walk 1.30 / 2 hours. It will take a lot of thirsts’



Bhangamura, Badalchhara, Makhan Taisa Para, Kinapa Para, Haja Para, Bagra Para, Keshab Mahajanpara, Sadhupara, and Kaptala Para villages bordering Sadar Upazila and Matiranga Upazila have been constructed with 307 feet long iron stairs.



#How_to_go: Go to Khagrachhari Shapla Chattar and take a tomtom. Chengi river crossing 5 TK.

# Request-


Do not throw water bottles or polythene wherever you go. The country is ours, who will protect us if we make it dirty?
Make your trip safe and clean 🙂


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