Meghalaya, the state of clouds at TK 8200

Meghalaya tour 5 nights 4 days. All expenses including visa processing and travel tax.

Thinking of going to Meghalaya?
Can’t find a good group or package?
If you go alone, the cost is high, so you can’t go for the truth?
Then this article is for you. It is useful for me to write in spite of the fact that it is useful for your journey.

I went to Meghalaya by car on the night of October 15 and came back on the 20th. All my expenses were given.

Visa processing: 600 TK.
Travel tax: 500 TK.




1st night:
From home to Saidabad: 30 TK.
Dhaka to Tamabil (Jaflong and the same fare) bus fare: 400 TK.
Dinner (Hotel Ujanbhata) 100 TK.
Breakfast (tea shop near the border) 30 TK.
Bangladesh Border 100 TK.




1st day – 2nd night:
From here the calculation of rupee starts.
From Daoki Border to Shillong: 120 rupees (local taxi).
Police market from Shillong: 10 rupees (local taxi).
Hotel: Hotel Haritag. There are WiFi, AC, food hotel arrangements. 800 * 3 = 2400 rupees (3 nights 4 days). Hotels are available at lower prices. I will tell you another time if I have no reason to stay here.
Lunch: 60 rupees (rice / vegetables / eggs and pulses).
Dinner: 110 rupees (chicken, rice, fried chicken and cold drink).

2nd day – 3rd night
Breakfast: Rs 35 (Double Egg Roll)
Shillong Tour Package: 300 + 55 = 355 rupees (Words Lake 10 rupees, Golf Field, Bianchi Memorial Hall, State Museum: 5 rupees, Zoo: 10 rupees, Tea Garden: 10 rupees, Elephant Falls: 20 rupees).
Lunch: 120 rupees (rice, pulses, chicken cold drink.
Breakfast: Rs. 25 (local food)
Dinner: 140 rupees (khichuri, chicken, double egg omelette, double egg roll).

3 days-4th night
Breakfast: Rs 60 (egg roll, chicken and cold drink)
Cherrapunji Tour Package: Rs 350 + 60 = Rs 410 (Maokdok View Valley Point, Eco Park Rs 10, Seasonal Cave Rs 10, Mott Trop Rock, Ramakrishna Mission Rs 10, No Kali Kai Falls Rs 20, Seven Sister Falls, Rs 10)
Lunch: 60 rupees (rice, pulses, chicken cold drink).
Dinner: 90 rupees (khichuri, chop, chicken lolly, tea).

4th day – 5th night
Let’s check out from the hotel in the morning.
Breakfast: 40 rupees (double egg roll, tea)
Daoki (Maolinong) Tour Package: Rs.500 + 60 = 580 (Canyon Valley Point Rs.10, Balancing Rock Rs.10, Living Route Bridge Rs.20, Sky View Point Bangladesh Rs.10, Umant 20 Rupee <Clear Crystal River>, Dauki Border)
At 4:30 I left Daoki border. Then I crossed Daoki border and entered Bangladesh.








By bus from Tamabil to Sylhet: 50 rupees.
By bus from Sylhet to Dhaka: 480 rupees.
Dinner: 60 rupees (chicken pizza, coffee)
I reached Saidabad at 2 o’clock at night.
Rickshaw rent: 30 rupees.











#Visa_r_travel_tax_1100 rupees.
#Dhaka_to_tamabil_border_expense_expense_630 rupees.
#India_Total_expenditure_4845 * 1.25 = 5808 rupees.
# Total_expenditure_618_Taka.







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Many of you have almost the same question, where did I get the packages from? – Your address in the comment box
I gave you a picture to see.

How did I get to Tamabil for 400 rupees?
–Ahmed Paribahan. Go to the Saidabad stand and show it to anyone.

Where did I make dollars / rupees / money?
– There are many shops of Mani Cheng in Shillong Police Bazaar. I have given you a name, address and picture in the comments box. You will see.


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