Meraithang Jadi travel story in the land of cloud mountains.

My friend Monir said, there is a hill where you can spend the night with the clouds. Monir has a good name in the circle of friends, Monir’s call is read when someone goes around, full details are available from Monir. The beginning of my mind started a year ago, but I could not take advantage of the opportunity.






Monir showed the dream but he could not get the tent so he could not go.




Meraithang Jadi smells like a marathon, so the matter is that you will travel non-stop to the mountains at an altitude of 1840 feet and you will see the clouds running a marathon. I have never seen clouds from so close. As we approached, the sun was setting. The game of sunset was so close.




How to go




From Dhaka / Chittagong you have to get off at Chakaria bus stand, on the way to Alikadam residential by moon car you will have to pay 60 TK. Meraithong Jadi, the highest hilltop in Alikadam, the most neglected tourist Upazila in Bandarban, can be reached after a three-hour walk down the road on the right side of the residential market. As there is no provision of water and food, water and dry food or cooking preparation have to be taken.

After spending the night at the top of Meraithong Jadi, you will bring your used garbage, especially plastic waste, at your own risk.


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