Mini Cox’s Bazar famous Netrokona District, Madan Upazila Uchitpur Haor Tour.

Uchitpur Haor in Madan Upazila of Netrokona, which has become known to tourists as Mini Cox’s Bazar, is one such potential tourist destination developed in an aesthetic and natural environment.



Sand on one side and water and water as far as the eye can see on the other side is a sight to behold only in Bangladesh, but as far as the eye can see the second view of the vast expanse of water and water may be seen in this Uchitpur Haor.



Originally, haors are almost circular lowlands or wetlands built on river banks to prevent flooding, but haors may not always be in riverside dams. Uchitpur is a haor whose beauty is mainly aroused only during the monsoon season, every year during the monsoon or normal floods this haor is flooded, submerged in water for several months of the year and at the end of the monsoon some permanent beels submerge in deep water or submerged water. In the summer, the haor usually looks like a huge field, where the local farmers go to cultivate, but in the rainy season, the field becomes like a beach with a wide expanse of water.



If you want to come to this Uchitpur Haor known as Mini Cox’s Bazar, first you have to go to Netrokona town, the country of pillow sweets, then you have to go to Madan Upazila Sadar which is only 30 km south of Netrokona District Headquarters, you will reach Uchitpur Haor just 4 km east of Madan Upazila.
From Netrokona district town you can easily go to Madan Upazila, then from there, you have to go by bus autorickshaw or other vehicles to Uchitpur for which your watch will be cut off in an hour and a half.




This Uchitpur Haor is located in a wide area of ​​Madan Upazila of Netrokona district, where you will first see about two kilometers of sunken road at both ends of the bridge called Balai, which has become the main attraction of the beauty of the area for tourists. Visitors have to enjoy the original beauty of the haor while standing here.




We are accustomed to seeing Pichdhala highway when we walk there, the fear of accidents, the fear of getting hit by vehicles chases us regularly, but this road in Uchitpur seems to be a bit of an exception for tourists, Pichdhala road under water and standing on the water, relying only on roadside poles. Peace will only give you this Uchitpur Haorei.



Sometimes the waves coming from the haor will make you feel a little more thrilled when you are standing in the water or walking. As much as you will enjoy watching the sunrise and sunset over the water, which is crowded here in the rainy season to see many visitors who come from near and far.



You have to rent a boat or a trawler, a boat, or a trawler for a while to wander from one end of the sea of ​​Uchitpur Haor to the other end or to float on the water with your family for a while.



If you go down to the haor to get a little closer to the water, or if you go for a swim with a group of friends, you have to be a little bit careful, because the strong winds in the haor can cause big waves. Maybe a big accident.



For tourists coming from far and wide, you have to stay in a hurry after coming to Uchitpur Haor because there is no restroom, drinking water, seating or food hotel, you have to go all day and stay overnight in search of a residential hotel in Madan Upazila or Netrokona Sadar.



“When you didn’t see the sea when you saw the floodwaters, did the sailor understand this?
I said stupid sea is a limitless reservoir of blue saltwater. ”


The language of the poet may be somewhat similar between the sea and Uchitpur but when you stand at Uchitpur Haor and look around with fascination with the water, your dream of swimming in the sea will come true but I promise you a part of it.


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