Morning-evening in the desert on the way to Bhatiari.

Areas controlled by the country’s army are very neat and tidy. However, most of the cantonments are closed to the public for security reasons. However, Bhatiari Union is very different from this side.

Although the main cantonment is inaccessible to the general public, many beautiful places around it remain open to the public. So Bhatiari is an ideal place for a one-day tour plan. Last week, I raided Bhatiari, one of the tourist spots in Chittagong. Today is the beginning and end of Bhatiari travel.





Bhatiari Union:
Only 15 km from Chittagong city. Bhatiari Union is located in the southern part of Sitakunda Upazila. The green hills, the crystal clear lake water, the army-controlled golf course, the sunset point – all these combine to make Bhatiari full of extraordinary natural beauty. The security situation is very good as the entire area is controlled by the army. So any kind of untoward incident is very unlikely to happen.

How to get there:
If you want to go from Dhaka, it is best to go by night bus or train. You can reach Bhatiari in the morning and enjoy the beauty all day long. Many more buses including Unique, Shyamoli, Saudia, SA Paribahan left Dhaka for Chittagong. Rent 480 rupees. Ask the supervisor to let Bhatiari down.




Bhatiari CNG autorickshaws can be rented directly from Chittagong city. Rent from one hundred and fifty to two hundred rupees. Or you can go to Bhatiari by bus number 4 from New Market junction in Chittagong. Local buses can be a bit uncomfortable. However, if there is a habit, there is no problem at all.

It is convenient for the people who want to travel to Hathazari in Chittagong or in that direction to come to Bhatiari. Passenger vehicles like local CNG and big pickups are available from the banks of Bara Dighi. CNG fare is 30 rupees per person. 20 rupees in a pickup.

If you want you can take CNG reserve. However, I think it is better to move locally without reserves. It will also reduce the cost of money, with all the spots you can see the time you want.





Everything you will see:
The winding and winding road of the hilly Bhatiari will evoke a very pleasant feeling in your mind. Bhatiari Lake of clear water next to the road. Arrangements for boat trips to the lake were not in sight. But the green sanctuary around the lake is really nice. It is as if the goddess of nature has skillfully decorated the area with her own hands. All around so beautiful.

The first thing to do with CNG is to go to a park called Cafe Twenty Four. In this park controlled by the army, you can walk in a healthy environment with your family. Entrance fee is 50 rupees. Unlike other parks in Chittagong, this park has artificial fountains, lakes and various rides for sightseeing. Also this park is not comparable for sitting and hanging out in the green nature.

For adventure lovers, an adventure trail has been created here on a tree. You can taste this adventure for only 100 rupees. The restaurant here is also quite beautiful, you can have lunch there if you want. Prices are a bit higher as a tourist spot.





Then there is the second largest golf and country club in Bangladesh. It is one of the tourist attractions of Chittagong which is covered with natural lakes and hills. The Bhatiari Golf Club’s golf course is about 7,500 yards long. The nature around the golf course has made it one of the most beautiful courses in Bangladesh. Various domestic and international golf tournaments are held here throughout the year.

Golf clubs are closed to the public. However, you can enter with permission. Even if you can enter, you can’t enter there with a camera and recording device. Because taking pictures and videos is completely forbidden. The golf club also has a good quality restaurant called Golf Golden.

Head straight from the golf club to Sunset Point. Personally, this place of Bhatiari is my favorite. In the soft light of the afternoon, the mountains, the sea and the lake all combine to create an amazing view here. Many benches have been set up for sitting at Sunset Point. Sit here and enjoy the nature to the fullest.

As the name implies, everyone comes here to watch the sunset. The view of the sunset on the chest of the sea in the distance is truly amazing. The Sunset Point area is controlled by the Bangladesh Military Academy (BMA). A full view of the military academy can be seen from here. Don’t miss the coffee in the canteen while watching the sunset.





Watch the sunset and leave quickly. Due to security reasons, the traffic on Bhatiari-Hathazari connecting road was stopped after 6 pm. So get out of Sunset Point and come quickly with CNG. Otherwise you may have to walk later.

Finally, I would like to give some warnings. Do not throw any kind of perishable and indigestible garbage in Bhatiari Lake or surrounding areas. Almost all the places here have designated places for dumping a lot of garbage. And yes, stay away from the hustle and bustle in this area of ​​quite a quiet environment. Above all, respect nature, love its generosity. Happy traveling.


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