Muktijoddha River View, Boalkhali, Chittagong.

This place is ideal for those who are looking for a new place in Chittagong city or want to enjoy the beauty of Kornafuli river. I promised that this beautiful, clean, and beautiful natural beauty will cheer up your mind. You can also taste all kinds of food (especially crabs) in the cafes and restaurants here. There are also many types of small sampans and boats for river trips.
It may be the best place to sit on the river bank at dusk and watch the sunset.



So let’s go any day.


How to get there: You can come to Kalurghat from anywhere in Chittagong city by boat or car. You will actually have more fun by boat because you will travel on the Kornafuli river together. Those who will become GEC will be able to get in the 2nd local minibus and New Market will be able to get in the 1st car. Directly down to Kalurghat. From there you can come here directly by CNG or boat. Local CNG from Kalurghat costs 20 TK per person.
It is possible to come here by a local car or public transport for around 50 TK.

Note: No matter where you travel, make sure the place is not dirty because of you.
Happy traveling.


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