My Troy Journey.

Like many, I knew the historic city of Troy
Located in Greece. Come to Turkey to learn the story
I was able to find that famous Helen in Troy Turkey. With
I searched the net. Really so. That again
Next to the Dardanelles Strait. Don’t come so close to Troy
I can’t see that. Troy though




My ideas about it are limited to a city, a horse and Helen. However, I realized that Helen was very beautiful. Troy was not destroyed just like that. Again, I told all the junta Google, brother, tell me a little about Troy. At just 4.5 GB speed, she spoke of the three ancient Greek goddesses, Aphrodite, Athena, Hera, Helen, and her elderly husband Menelaus, the beloved king of Troy, and her two sons, Paris and Hector Hector, and Achilles, the heroic warrior named after them. The name of the main vein is Tendo Achilles and so on. The more I read, the more fun I get. And the desire to see it grow at a proportional rate. But it will not happen again. Need a partner. Bigger than that, he needs to know Turkish again. Because the English knowledge of the people here is like that.
Anyway, a Bangladeshi with a lot of effort
I found the student near Troy






Studied at a university. I managed the phone number and contacted him and fixed the date. Another thing I learned from talking to him was that this place is not only famous for the city of Troy. Rather it has a worldwide reputation for the First World War. And many people from the Indian subcontinent came to fight in that war here. Our national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam was also in that group. Anyway, putting an end to all speculations, I bought a bus ticket through the net and ran away with a hotel reservation to win Troy.
My car will leave Chanakkel at 12 o’clock at night
From the Ankara bus stand on purpose.






If I had said airport instead of bus stand, I would have signed more. Any of our Dhaka airport
Not less in part. Needless to say, the city of Troy is located in the Asian part of Turkey, next to the town of Chanakkel, next to the Dardanelles Strait. As soon as I turned on the monitor in the seat, I saw my name, where to get up and where to get off, everything floated on the screen. It was good to see your name on the screen. And I was relieved to get on the right bus. The bus left 3 minutes late at 12:03. I put the headphones on my ears and released Anjan Dutt’s song. Because you have to go about 600 km. About 10 hours journey. Both the bus and the road are good. Seems to be made for each other. However, the seats are not as comfortable as in our country. I was in even greater danger. The person sitting in the seat next to me, he drank a lot and got out. In less than five minutes I saw him making a pillow. I fell into thought
So far. But maybe there was an empty seat behind me because of Bidhata’s good looks. And in the end I took refuge there. And I’m afraid when someone leaves. However, I reached the bus stand at Chanakkel well all the way and from here I reached the hotel by Dolmuz i.e. minibus. I left my bag at the hotel and ran away with two Bangladeshi students Saikat and Sadiq to win Helen’s Troy. They both study agricultural biotechnology. Troy, the epicenter of civilization at that time, is now basically an antiquity. The first people to know about Troy are the Iliad and the Odyssey of the Greek poet Homer






From In 180 the German archaeologist Heirich
Until Schliemann’s discovery, everyone thought Troy’s story was a myth. Then many experiments proved that this is the historic city of Troy. The city of Troy is located in Hisarlik in the province of Chanakkel in present-day Turkey, bordering the Dardanelles Strait and the Aegean Sea. Due to its position, which is between Europe and Asia, it was very developed economically and culturally. In Turkey, Troy is called Truva. This prosperous city is destroyed only because of Helen, the city of Troy is not so simple. The city was built and destroyed many times from 3000 BC to 5000 years ago to the Roman Empire. This period of creation and destruction is divided into several stages. The formation period of the first 5 is in the Early Copper Age, 6th and 8th respectively in the Middle and Last Copper Age and 8th and 9th respectively in Hellenistic and Roman times. Is made on one side. On the other hand, it is destroyed again by a natural disaster. The 7th Troy is Helen’s Troy which was destroyed due to the Trojan War. Because of the destruction so many times, many say it is a cursed place. Even during the First World War, terrible wars were fought here and more than 500,000 soldiers were killed.
Anyway, I got the opportunity to talk about a lot of knowledge. Visiting the city of Troy, taking pictures of the cursed city with pieces of soil and rocks, taking pictures of the Greek hero Hector’s wooden horse, and observing the beauty of the Dardanelles Strait.
Aslam Chanakkele Trojan located in the city
Near the horse statue. This horse statue was made in 2004
Troy was made during the shooting of the movie. Now
Which is adorned next to Dardanelles.
Finally, the story of Helen’s Troy is summarized as follows – Helen was the wife of the old Menelaus, king of Sparta (Greece). Hector and Paris, two sons of King Priam of Troy. The two brothers went to Sparta on business. And then Paris and Helen both fell in love and moved to Troy with Helen without informing her younger brother Paris, older brother Hector. Then King Menelaus, his brother Agamemnon, and Achilles the Great attacked Troy with about 1,000 ships. But after 10 years of siege because of the impenetrable wall, Troy failed to enter the city.






Leaving several soldiers in the air, he took refuge on a nearby island. Thinking that the Greeks had left the horse as a gift after failing to win the war, the people of Troy took the horse inside, and in the darkness of the night the Greek soldiers came out of the horse’s belly and turned the whole city of Troy into ruins. Achilles, Paris and Hector died in this battle.


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