Mysterious Ali’s tunnel.

After hearing many myths about Ali’s tunnel, a fascination was created among us to go here. However, there were insufficient ideas about what the journey might be like. Tuk went to the non-shower as a result of the previous day’s body was quite disturbed, but it was unthinkable to do such a frightening trek here. My mind became very restless when I saw a narrow path through a ravine. A little further along that path, I saw Jhiri’s face on the left. Scattered around are stones of various shapes and rotten tree trunks. Walk our path along this mysterious path. Surprisingly, the way to the tunnel was quite cold, even though I was sweating outside. If the path in front of Jhiri is wide enough, its width gradually decreases. It felt good to be able to trample on the water. At one point the path split in two. If you go to the left, you will find a narrow canyon. You can see an iron staircase as soon as you cross it and climb up on the top of the rock. It is very dangerous to climb this ladder. Because its left side is a bit broken. I don’t know who made this ladder. But I wondered how people would climb this ladder before it happened. After climbing to the top of the stairs, one climbs a few feet high. According to some, as soon as he crossed this slippery path and went ahead, he was engulfed in pitch black darkness. As soon as the torch light came on, I heard the sound of bats fluttering. In the reflection of light I saw a strange golden form on the wall of the tunnel. The tunnel road is not smooth, it is a bit rough. So it was quite a problem to leave the light. At one point this path ends, as the roof of the tunnel descends further down. You could have crawled a little further, but the tunnel was split in two. There is no way for people to enter through any of them. So I took some pictures while sitting here. Then I went back the way I came. The journey started for the purpose of the second tunnel. There is a way to walk from the second tunnel to the third tunnel, said our little guide. As I climbed the tunnel, I saw a narrow path past a mother tree. There are beautiful tree trunks and ropes to climb up. Leaning on the trunk of the tree, I had to get a lot of speed to put my foot on the stone and hold the rope and put my foot on the next stone. Many of our team members are sweating so hard to take this step. After climbing up the narrow road again. After walking a little distance, I saw the way to enter the tunnel through which any human being can enter. After climbing to the top, I hit the torch and saw that I had to crawl to get ahead. It is not possible to stand with your face so low. After crawling for a while, the mouth of the tunnel became bigger. I got up. I crossed the rough road again and came to the head of the tunnel. Our journey came to a halt here. Because the next step is to consume extreme level oil. The face of the third tunnel can be seen from the head of this tunnel. But we have to cross the slippery gorge to the other side. If we had a rope we might try to cross. If you can give way, you will go through life. On one of the stones I saw a dirty Quran Sharif, a candle. Somewhat surprising because such an insult to the Qur’an is not possible for any Muslim. I used to hear in the mouths of my ancestors that magic sorcery and kufr were uttered in the depths of the mountains. I don’t know how much truth is false. But I came out of Ali’s tunnel with a mystery in my head.





How to go:
Dhaka-Chakaria (Tk. 650 bus fare)
Chakaria-Alikadam (Bandarban) (local bus or local moon car for 60 TK per person)
If you go down to Alikadam and talk about the cave, any one with an auto will drop you down on the other side of the canal at the rate of 15-20 TK. The trail starts as soon as the boat capsizes.


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