Narsingdi is the yellow form of the moon.

How to go:

If you want to come to Narsingdi from Mohakhali / Banani area, you can come and go directly to Narsingdi by buying PPL bus ticket. From the new bus stand, you can take a rickshaw to Satirpara Rajnigandha Chattar. From there, switch on the auto. And a little in front of it is the village of Chander Para.



And those who will come from Gulistan will take the Meghalaya luxury bus adjacent to Sergeant Ahad police box directly to Narsingdi new bus stand and from there switch to auto. The village of Chander Para is a little further down the switch gate market.






If you can see the beauty of the mustard flower on the moon and survive half of the day, then you can have lunch in Narsingdi town. After eating, you can take a trawler from the old launch dock of Narsingdi to Meghna.

And if you love heritage, you can take a reserve-charged autorickshaw from Switchgate Bazaar to the zamindar’s house at Balapur Nabin Shah in Madhabadi via Abdullahpur via the shortcut way on the inside road. However, he told the auto driver to eat in Madhabadi town and then go to Balapur zamindar’s house. After visiting the zamindar’s house, one to one and a half kilo is in front of Meghna Bazar. The road has gone through this market. The Meghna River is a five-minute walk from the market. If you want, you can take a boat tour of Meghna river from there. Then Madhabadi can come by CNG from Meghna Bazar. From there rent a rickshaw for 10 rupees to Madhabadi bus stand. Then you can take a luxury bus from Meghalaya to Gulistan or take a Manohardi / Royal transport to Sayedabad.








Or you can take an auto / local bus from the opposite side of the road to Panchdona turn. There you will find some more counter services including PPL, Badsha, Uttara Paribahan which come to Mohakhali via Uttara, Banani.

And those who will go by train will be able to reach Narsingdi by train from Kamalapur every day at 8:10 am (closed all day on Wednesdays) to Egarasindhur and from Mahanagar Godhuli (closed all day on Sundays) at 9:00 am. You can return to Egarasindhur (closed on Friday afternoon) or return by metropolitan train at 5:30.

And if one wants to bring his own car / bike, then cross the Kanchan Bridge with 300 feet from Purbachal to Kuril Biswaroad and one kilometer is actually a Chan Textile Junction. At the intersection, take the road on the left and head straight to Chhanpara Bus Stand (Dhaka-Sylhet Highway). Madhabdi will go straight to the left of Chhanpara Highway. Ask anyone from Madhabadi bus stand to know the route of Madhabadi Fire Service. Abdullapur Bazar along that road. If you ask someone, they will show you the way to Switchgate. Moonlight Mustard Flower Area with Switchgate (This is a local road but will save time).

Travel Fare: Narsingdi PPL bus fare from Mohakhali is Tk 95 per person or Narsingdi Meghalaya bus fare from Gulistan is Tk 100 per person. From Shalidha (new bus stand) the local fare at Satirpara Rajnigandha Chattar by auto will be Tk 5 and by rickshaw it will be Tk 20-30. Auto fare from Rajnigandha Chattar to Chander Para is 15 TK per person.


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