Nepal travel story.

Although Nepal is a small landlocked country, tourism is one of its main sources of foreign income. Thousands of tourists from all over the world flock to the Himalayas and come to Nepal to roam the mountains. Trekking on high hills, bungee jumping, rafting on the Kharsrota river, Phewa Lake in Pokhara is some of the attractions that attract tourists. But for those who have less time, or areas uninterested in bungee jumping as I am, the best halls are Kathmandu, Dhulikhel, and Nagarkot. I will talk about these.



I went to Nepal by Bangladesh flight. I landed at Kathmandu airport and went out after immigration to buy a SIM. Small airport, on arrival visa. No problem.



Fuel supply from India to Nepal was off when I went. So many cars and horses were stopped, car rentals went up a lot. People were also traveling on the roofs of all public transport. The best way to get from Kathmandu to various tourist spots in Nepal is to rent a car. Most of the roads outside the city are bad and hilly.



There are more Hindus in Nepal, all the rest are Buddhists. Nepal does not have good roads and ghats, but the people there feel good. The touch of digitalization did not completely reach them.

I was in the Thamel area of ​​Kathmandu. I went to a hotel and found out the rent, at the same time I also checked online Agoda. I rented it because I got a lower rate there. The quality of WiFi in the hotel is fairly good. Bed with breakfast.

When I went to have breakfast in the morning, I saw that Park had given me bacon. I changed the plate saying ‘sorry’ to say no. An Israeli couple was having breakfast at the table next to me. My hobby is collecting coins from different countries. I wanted to exchange coins with that guy. I gave him a note of 10 rupees. He gave me a coin of 10 argots. Seeing that, his wife scolded him and asked him why he had given such a small coin. Later he gave me a half new second (50 agrot). 1 second = about 24 rupees.

The Nepalese rupee is worth less than our money. So to go there and shop in rupees, it feels good, I feel like a citizen of a rich country. 100 rupees = about 130 rupees. There are many tourists in Thamel and Nagarkot areas outside Pokhara. There are many restaurants for food in Thamel area, all of them taste the same as us. There are many varieties of food including Indian food.

Indian culture has spread like a net in Nepal. They are seen dancing to Hindi songs at various picnics and parties. Besides Nepali, they also understand Hindi and many speak it.

Nepal’s weather is very cold. I went to the end of January. The temperature in Kathmandu rises to 17-18 degrees Celsius during the day but drops to 5-6 degrees Celsius in the morning and evening. It is colder in Nagarkot area. I stayed for 2 days and stayed in Nagarkot for 2 days.



* Shayumbhunath Temple – Ancient religious architecture. Near Kathmandu, just 3 km away on a hill. The place is big. There is a golden statue of Buddha in one place. The main pillar in the middle of the temple, with Buddha’s eyes and eyebrows painted here. You have to climb along the high staircase to reach the top of the temple. It is also called the Monkey Temple. There are also some shops nearby. People of both Hindu and Buddhist religions come here thinking it is a sacred place. From here you can see a very beautiful landscape.



* World Peace Pond – There is a small basin next to the Shumbhunath Temple called World Peace Pond. The locals believe that if you throw a coin with some mood, it falls into the pot at the foot of the statue and the mood is filled. “May Peace Prevail on Earth” is written on the pond. Like many, I also threw a lot of coins.



* Garden of Dreams – Thamel area. Quality is a beautiful place to spend time. There is a small museum here. The entry fee is Rs.

* Dhulikhel Kali Temple Area – Dhulikhel area is a good tourist spot to see nature from the top of the hill. There is a Buddha statue and a temple of Kali. I didn’t go there and went to Dhulikhel Top Stone. There is nothing like a tall rock rising naturally if the angle of the picture is good, it will look like a stone rising dangerously towards the outside of the hill. Many picnic parties come here; Ideal place for group hangouts, picnics, food, and drink.


* Bhaktapur Darbar Square – There are 3 Darbar Squares, Kathmandu, Pathan, and Bhaktapur. I went to Bhaktapur. It is a UNESCO heritage site. Bhaktapur area is 13 km away from Kathmandu. It is an ancient royal palace. This place is quite large. The area has a 55-window palace, the National Art Museum, the Golden Gate, the Elephant Gate, a large reservoir, and many temples and statues. They are very important based on their various works of art and historical value.

* Kailashnath Mahadev Statue – Located at Bhaktapur, about 20 km from Kathmandu. There is a 143 feet high statue of Mahadev Shiva which is the second tallest in the world. It can be seen from afar.

* Nambuddha Monastery – About 45 km from Kathmandu. It is a big monastery with hundreds of monkeys. Located on the top of a high hill. The whole area is very beautiful to see and an attractive spot for tourists. There is another hill next to the monastery where thousands of people have their prayers written on various colorful cloths and hung on ropes. I was present at the temple during their special prayers. The sound of their prayers with different types of musical instruments creates a melodious sound.


* Nagarkot – Nagarkot is about 32 km away from Kathmandu. The bus is actually a 2.5-3 hour journey. There are public buses from Bhaktapur bus station in Kathmandu. This place is 2175 meters high. This place is very popular for seeing the beauty of Nepal’s mountains and hiking. There are eco trails for hiking. I was at the Hotel Country Villa. Located on a high hill. Extremely beautiful view all around. And it’s unbelievably cold outside at night.

* Nagarkot View Tower – A group of us left the hotel very early in the morning at Nagarkot View Tower. A little far from the hotel. To watch the sunset. There is a tall tower here for the convenience of viewing. From here you can see the Annapurna peaks including the Himalayan range. It was so cold that I had to take pictures with my hands out at a great cost. Coming to Nagarkot, it seemed that my trip to Nepal was worthwhile.

For shopping –

– City Center – In the city center of Kathmandu. There are brand item stores besides various grocery stores. Along with shopping, there is also a food court, play zone, and a movie theater.

– Civil Mall – Also in Kathmandu. Like our big shopping malls, a variety of items are available at affordable prices. There are also big movie theaters here, including the food court.

– Thamel Market – Street Shop. There are many things to buy. Tourist spot. There are different types of famous decorated knives of Nepal, small, medium, and large. You can also buy shawls and pashmina. You have to go around a few shops to buy.


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