Netrokona places to visit and how to go.

Here are the places to visit, the first four of which people call Birishiri:

Someshwari river
Someshwari Char
Porcelain hills
Lake of blue-green water
Vijaypur BGB camp
Vijaypur Zero Point
Orange garden
Tribal Cultural Academy
Garo Palli
Garo Hills
Ranikhong Church





The journey started from Mohakhali bus stand at “Ma Mani Paribahan” at 11.40 pm. Although there were many buses going to Birishiri, we started our journey on this bus because the bus dropped us off in front of our guest house. Tickets cost Rs. 350 / -. Needless to say, the road conditions are quite bad, especially since Jharia.

I went down at 6 o’clock in the morning right in front of the guest house. I got up at “Swarna Guest House” as there were no vacancies in other guest houses. 4 people in one room, two single beds. Cost 600 / – Rs. Meals are available at the guest house. I am giving the information of the guest house at the end.





Then I left the bag and went out with some rest. I walked to the ghat of Someshwari river. White shiny clear sand dunes. From there cross the river at Rs. 5 / – per person.

Tomtom-bikes will stand for you as soon as you cross the river. Since there were 4 of us, we reserved Tomtom till evening. Every spot on the other side of the river will show you around. Do not give any urging with time. Cost Rs. 550 / –









Then at the beginning we went to Sadamati hill. Basically starting from here. The first four locations on the list are serially sorted from here. Here Tomtom will drop you off and wait for you, until you come back to these four places. From there I started with a baby Bahadur guide. Going through the mountains to enjoy the places. Every eye-catching scene! There are a couple of shops there. Tea-cigarettes-cosmetics-dab are available. The cosmetics are brought from the border market. The Garos go there in the morning to sell vegetables and when they come they bring these items and sell them here. At a much lower price.

Turning around here, I went to Zero Point-BGB camp again. Just across the border. Pigs will roam around you! No wonder. They feed the food of the Garos of Opar.
Then after going around the orange orchard I went back to the river bank. From there again by boat across the river to the guest house on foot. Although we could have left that night, we spent the night and stayed until dawn the next day. Return bus can also be found on the opposite side of the guest house!

It is good to say that the quality of food in Netrokona is not very good. It can cause some suffering. But it is very beautiful except for the road on the other side of Someshwari river. If you want to finish the tour in one day, there is no need to go to the guest house. All in all a lot of beautiful places to visit at low cost.

Make the journey beautiful and keep the environment beautiful!


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