No Man’s Land is a broken dream.

But Aranya got the visa next Saturday without any hassle. After getting the visa, I was stunned for a while with joy, happiness and excitement. Sometimes it is when you get something much desired, dreamy and imaginative! Everything hangs for a few moments! So it was with the forest. He sat quietly by the lake for a while. I thought to myself how many days after trying so many times he got a visa today, saying that he can meet Adhara. That day, however, came, in the life of the forest and the lips. This time they will break the barrier of “No Man’s Land”!

After sitting on the side of the lake next to the embassy for a while, when he regained consciousness, he was wearing headphones and spreading the melody of his favorite song loudly, humming along with it. Then he got on the bus on foot. As soon as I got on the bus, the wind started to blow outside! Anagona of black clouds, drizzle. Everything is arranged in the hands of the Creator. As if the wind is not the wind, the wave of the lips! As if the black clouds are not covered by the sky, the forest is wrapped in the lips! As if not dripping rain, tears of happiness on the lips! As if lightning is not a flash, a wave of joy on the lips! It seemed like the forest!





Outside, the speed of the rain increased, the thrill of joy increased in the forest! Slowly, Aranya opened the window glass and reached outside, touching the elusive one! Touching the rain will show a unique feeling like touching the elusive! So the forest touched, the falling rain elusive. And as soon as they got their hands wet in the rain, their imagination floated to the address of their cherished dreams. Jalpaiguri tea garden in the green sea! Where the wind blended with the heavy rain has created a strange wave of happiness! The whole tea garden seems to be playing a wave of unknown joy across the rain-wind and green horizon!







Wetting his hands in the rain outside the window, Aranya closed his eyes unknowingly, and saw the forest and the elusive together under a yellow umbrella in the middle of that torrential rain in the tea garden, holding hands, shoulder to shoulder! She is wearing a blue dress with a blue skirt, a sataranga hat on her head, a small black tip on her forehead, a gorgeous red pearl necklace around her neck, a glass bangle filled with two hands Anklet! Although the jingle of anklets is silent to the song of rain. Still, it was nice to see… and to float like that in the colorful world of imagination, in the surging waves of the green sea of ​​the tea garden!

He will not come down brother? Uh, the hoarse voice of the bus contactor!

The forest was dreaming of happiness in the world of sleep!

Yes, brother, I will get off.

But how to get down? That rain is out! Still, there is no way to get down. In the rain, the pockets were somehow covered with a vest, the forest ran under the tin floor of a shop, lest the passport and so many simple visas get wet and become invalid again!

As soon as it started raining, the forest took a rickshaw and went home. As soon as he went home, the conversation started with Adhara. The two of them planned together, Aranya will take two days off from the office, Sun and Mon, stay with Fri and Sat, Aranya will get on the bus from Dhaka after finishing the office on Thursday. It was as if the song was playing in the background – “Oh, what joy, in the clouds and in the rain!” (In the air) “

Aranya went to the office the next day with great joy and excitement. Aranya’s Facebook status was flooded with friends’ responses and enthusiasm, because they all know how many woods they have burned together to get a visa since they met Aranya in the tea garden of “No Man’s Land” in Tetulia! There have been hundreds of insults, grievances and misery. So everyone is overwhelmed by the forest and the elusive. Looking forward to seeing and hearing their next story.

Aranya photocopied the passport-visa. He fixed the picture, started packing his bags, searched for Banglabandha port, searched for bus tickets. Stuck here! Because the bus is not going to Banglabandha or Tetulia, the bus is going to Dinajpur, there is a problem there so it is closed for now. It was learned that the bus would run a week later. The forest and the elusive got in a lot of trouble, so he postponed it for a week without going that week.

Exactly one week later, the forest started to go to Jalpaiguri again. Elusive waiting on the other side. Standing in “No Man’s Land”, the same tea garden with thorns in the middle! It is like a thorn in the heart, not at the border. However, the consolation is that there is no obstacle, at least visa, there will be no visa to climb the mountain!

Forest went to the office. Everything is fine. He applied for leave for two days, along with NOC (No Objection Certificate). It is necessary for the working candidate to go abroad. Friends, colleagues and acquaintances are waiting to see the forest and the lips.

But their dream was shattered again! Couldn’t go to the forest! That week too! Because, Aranya did not get leave from office, office or office boss will not give leave just before Eid! So this journey could not go! The dream of rebuilding was shattered, the colorful web woven in the imagination was shattered, the colorful thoughts were also gray!

But do we have to wait for that Eid holiday? Can you still go to the forest, overcome family barriers? How long will this broken-and-build game of forest and elusive dreams last?


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