One day in the town of Frakmonteg Peak and Luzern.

I had the good fortune to go to Switzerland at this time last year. Before leaving, I decided to take this opportunity to explore Europe. There were three of us. Me and my two Indonesian friends. I was in Geneva for about two months. One day I decided to visit Luzern and Zurich on the weekends. Whatever you think, do it.




July 7, 2017. Summer morning. I woke up and left for Geneva Carnava station. I reached the station around 8:30. The 8:15 train left just in time. In this country, there is never a minute’s change. I had already booked tickets for the whole trip online. All the scenic villages, the small valleys, the dazzling hills and clouds, and the beautiful view of Lake Geneva, I had no idea when I arrived at Luzern Station. At 10:45 we caught the train from Lucerne Station to Hargisville Station because we wouldn’t be in town right now. Prior to that, our plan was to visit Mount Piratus, Frakmunteg.



Mount Pilatus is one of the mountain ranges in the Alpine Mountains. It has many peaks at different heights. Frakmunteg is an amazing tourist spot located at an altitude of 1438 meters above sea level. At this peak is the longest tobogan run fracigadi in Europe. It is basically a slider that slides down from the top to the bottom like a snake.




We got off at Hargisville Station at 11:10. As soon as I landed, cold mountain air started coming. From here you have to go to the base of the cable car base on the hill. The danger is that we didn’t see any way to get to the base station. If you want to go, you have to walk. About 3 kg snake-like winding path. An old Swiss gentleman came to rescue us. The funny thing is that he doesn’t know English and we can’t speak Luzern’s German. After gesturing, he voluntarily offered a lift in his car to the base station. He stopped the car on the way and gave us a chance to take pictures. And on the way, we also saw a glimpse of a beautiful house like his picture.



Just standing in the car line from the base station, I got another glimpse of Swiss hospitality. As soon as we got to know the tourists, the local people made us stand at the very beginning of the line. Just the feeling of getting in the car for the first time is different. Shortly afterward we landed at a restaurant on the hill. The name of the restaurant is Alpgschwänd. Frakmonteg is an hour’s walk from the restaurant.



Even though we started walking, we didn’t realize that walking upwards would be so difficult. I had never climbed a mountain so my pain was getting a little too much. Having a heavy backpack made it almost impossible to climb up. The natural beauty of Pilatus gave us the only morale to climb. We reached the summit after an hour, gasping for breath. I cut the ticket for that famous ride with a little jiriye. The feeling of climbing on the slide is amazing.



Switzerland is a very expensive country, everything costs a lot. So we had lunch with the sandwich we brought with us. There is no way to describe the heavenly feeling that comes from watching the clouds play on the white head of Pilatus while sitting on the top of the hill eating salami sandwiches. There is also much more to do at Frakmunteg. We were wondering how we would get back to Luzern for now. Because, if you want to go back the way I came, you have to walk to Hargisville from the base station. So I took a car from Frakmunteg to Kreins area. We took the train from Creans station to Luzern station. The time is 3:30. We still have a whole day to walk around.




Lucerne is one of the most iconic cities in Switzerland. Throughout the year, especially in summer, the city is always full of travelers. Located on the shores of Lake Luzern, Luzern is a dazzling city of medieval architecture. The main attractions of the city can be visited in one day.



Chapel Bridge, Lion Monument, Oldtown, Musegamore, Lake Lucerne, etc. are some of the attractions of the city of Lucerne. Almost every street in the city was decorated with flowers and little by little there were small flower gardens. So even after walking so much, I didn’t get tired of seeing this glittering city. We first went to the Chapel Bridge. Built-in 1333, this bridge over the Reus River is Lucerne’s most aesthetic attraction. I took pictures on the Chapel Bridge and went straight through the Oldtown to the Tower Wall, where there is a row of old clock towers. From the top of the tower, there is a chance to see the city of Luzern better. I went down from the tower wall to the Lion Monument. I saw this symbol of the Swiss soldiers killed in the war at St. Lloyd’s Church, and from there in a park on the shores of Lake Luzern. I dipped my feet in the water of the lake and chatted for a long time. Then I took the 8:10 train to Zurich.






By train from Geneva to Luzern – 52 francs
By train from Luzern to Hargisville – 7 francs
Cable car from Hargisville – 12 francs
Tobogan Ride – 6 francs
Creans cable car from Frakmonteg – 20 francs

Total: 52 + 6 + 12 + 8 + 20 = 100 francs or 7400 TK.

There are also food costs. We didn’t add it because we brought it with food.

Note: We traveled by train for the Swiss train experience. If you go by bus, it will take one-third of the train fare. Flixbus is best for bus travel. By eliminating this we have tried to minimize the cost. If you go on weekends instead of weekends, bus fare/train fare will be less. In Europe in the summer.


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