One day tour – Alexander, Ramgati, Tanki pirate trip.

I was not going anywhere. So when the friend said let’s go back to Ramgati. After thinking once, I agreed. Although 6-7 people were supposed to go, in the end, we were 6 people. We left Laxmipur at 6.30 in the morning and reached Alexander Meghna Beach in Laguna. You can also go by bus if you want. Bus and Laguna fare is 50 rupees. It takes two and a half hours to go by bus and one and a half hours in Laguna. Alexander got down and had a light breakfast and went to the banks of the Meghna. Alexander is a popular tourist destination in the region. As soon as you reach the top of the embankment, you will be greeted first by the gusts of wind and if it rains with it, then there is no point. You can spend hours on the block enjoying the beauty of the river. The government is working to enhance the beauty of this place. The banks of the dam have been planted with palm trees, sheds for sitting, and solar lights. Where before you could not be afraid of snatchers after dusk, now you can sit comfortably and enjoy the moonlight. I made a lot of noise.




This time I left at 12 noon for Ramgati, auto fare was 45 TK per person, although I had to pay 50 TKwhen I arrived. You can also go to CNG or Laguna. Laguna fare is 40 TKs. It will take about an hour and a half to go.

Before going to Ramgati, Pet Puja was done with Sarlam Hilsa, 60 TK per piece, and two plates of rice for 20 TK. If you go to Ramgati Bazaar now, you will see only Hilsa Bazaar Saylab. I was wondering where so many fish go. And on the banks of the river, you will see fishermen unloading fish from trawlers. Instead of going towards the block on the bank of the river, the fisherman will go towards the village along the bank of the river. Ramgati is a more beautiful place than Alexander, with fewer people coming here. Walking along with the shackles you will find a tea shop in Dead End. Have tea and take a pill … you won’t be able to find the store again in a few days. Because slowly the river is coming towards the settlements and consuming everything. He can take a bath in the river there.



After that, he will return to Ramgati Bazaar without much delay. From there, the tank char will go by auto. The rent is 35 rupees per person. That place is also very nice though we couldn’t go. Enjoy the sunset there and leave early. If you are late, you will not get the car later. On the way back you will come back in the same way.


Lakshmipur – Alexander 50 + 50 = 100 TK

Alexander – Ramgati 50 + 50 = 100 TK

Ramgati – Tankir Char 35 + 35 = 70 TK

Cost of food = 100 TK.


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