One of the deepest caves in the world.

How long do you think a cave or a hole can be? No man-made holes. I am talking about a cave made in a completely natural way. The Krubera Cave, located in the mountainous region of Abkhazia in Georgia, is more than two kilometers below the surface. This unusual cave has gone very deep under the ground in a very wonderful condition.




Thousands of elements are found all over the cave, including huge ponds, clear water containers, hot weather, and deadly gas. This cave first came to the notice of the world in 2001. When a group of divers from Ukraine and some very adventurous people went down about 1800 meters inside this hole. But they have to go back without looking for enough food and oxygen and preparation. Again, they did not have enough equipment to pass through a very deadly gas chamber at that time. The next time they went there again with preparation, the whole team went down about 2060 meters. But this time they face a very deep water pond. The team has no idea where the depth of this pond ends. They managed to reach a minimum of about 2298 meters in 2009. They didn’t have enough supplies and oxygen to go down.





The idea is that there is a surprise waiting for people at the bottom of the pond. How this huge pond was created so deep is another wonder. One such discovery surprised everyone where oxygen could not penetrate well. The most deadly problem for the expedition team here was the unbearable darkness. The darkness and solitude inside the Kruberi cave is so great that it can drive you crazy in two days. And that was the biggest problem for the expedition. After that, the pond made them even more frustrated. The expedition will quickly solve the mystery by carrying out an expedition with a very powerful robot. It is one of the deepest caves in the world. Although its mystery has not been revealed yet. But hopefully soon it will be made and every other thing inside will be found out quite well and presented to the people.


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