Pakutia zamindar house – our tradition.

In the early nineteenth century, Ramakrishna Saha Mandal started zamindari in Pakutia by purchasing it from the British. He had two sons Vrindavan and Radha Govinda. Radha Govinda was childless and Vrindavan Chandra had three sons. They are Brajendra Mohan, Upendra Mohan and Jogendra Mohan. Upendra was adopted by his uncle Radha Govinda, a childless boy from Vrindavan. As a result, Upendra Mohan, as an adopted child, got a share of the entire property of Kakar Zamindari. On 15th April 1915, three palaces or buildings of the same design were inaugurated in the name of three brothers across an area of ​​about 15 acres. The house of Pakutia zamindar was known as Tin Mahla or Tin Taraf. Each palace has its own beauty, the wonderful craftsmanship of the herbs is mesmerizing. In the middle of each zamindar’s house, two beautiful female statues adorned with ornaments of vines and flowers as a crown, as well as a peacock, greet the guest. Also on the railing top or cornice of the second floor there are numerous beautiful small shaped female statues standing in different poses five feet apart.









All these three installations are beautifully decorated. These buildings are a unique creation of architectural value by mixing the sweetness of the mind rich in western art culture. There are three Nat temples in front of the three houses. The artistic craftsmanship of the large puja mandapa still fascinates tourists after a hundred years. There is a huge field in front of the zamindar’s house and there is a two-storey dance hall in the middle of the field. Each zamindar house has its own well. To the west, near the zamindar’s house, is a huge eight-ghatla pond called Upendra Sarobar. The zamindars of these three mahals were all prosperous. After building their own palace in 1917, they established the Vrindavan Chandra Radha Govinda High School (BCRG) under the joint name of their father Vrindavan and uncle Radha Govinda. Among the meritorious students of this educational institution are the founding Vice Chancellor of Chittagong University and former Minister Dr. A. R. Mallick, former Prime Minister Ataur Rahman Khan and Bhaba Pagla. The BCRG Degree College was established on this property in 1987 as a symbol of loyalty to the zamindars after the acquisition of all the assets by the then government after partition.

How to get there – SB link / public service by bus from Gabtuli – Pakutia. Rent 50-60 TK.


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