There are many activities on the way from Manali to Kullu. Paragliding is one of them.

On the way to Kullu, you will see many activity shops on both sides of the road. You have to go to any one. Or take your driver.
Take lightly priced. I got it for 2500 rupees. If the manpower is more, it takes a little less. Seasonal time is 3000-5000.







After paying, your driver will take you to the landing zone. (Where you will land with a parachute.)

After some time a jeep will take you about 6000 feet above. In fact, this is like riding and enjoying. It will go so fast on such a high road that the heart will dry up.





Now is the time to jump. If they fix everything, jump.

The driver is also afraid.






They will provide action cameras for making videos – renting 500 rupees. I had my own camera so the driver was not quite happy.

In the middle of the jump to say, a little extra swing? – Will take extra 500 for waiter. I like that swing.

It takes about 8-10 minutes. It was fun. Parasailing in Cox’s Bazar was not so much fun.


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