Parky Beach.

The love with the sea is not over. Even if he doesn’t want to go, he always pulls him. Basically, there are many beaches in Chittagong, such as Patenga, Kattli, Sagarika, Guliyakhali, Banshbaria, Parki, etc. From the beach. It felt so good, I forgot to go back home.



On the way to Parki beach, you can see small hills along the paved path. Views of Chittagong Urea Fertilizer Ltd. (CUFL) and Kafco which enliven the tourists. On the way to Parki Beach, the Shah Amanat Bridge, built in the form of a pleasure boat, overlooks the Karnafuli River. On the way to the beach, you can see rows of trees, green deserts, and fish ponds on both sides of the narrow road. The beach has a lot of Zhao trees and Zhaoban like Cox’s Bazar beach.



A huge giant ship will greet you as soon as you reach Parky Beach. The giant ship left Kolkata, India, for the Atlantic last year, but was swept away by Hurricane Mora, which pushed the ship ashore. Since then, the ship is stuck in the sand of the beach.



The ‘Crystal Gold’ that once roamed the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean greets every tourist who comes to Parky Beach today with a smile.



How to get there: The distance from Chittagong city to Parki Beach is about 35 km. It will take 1.30-2 hours to go. It is located at the mouth of Karnafuli river. CNG auto can be taken from the city. Or by bus from Shah Amanat bridge in Chittagong to Anwara Chaumuhani, CNG auto can be obtained from there. We reserved 5 CNG from 5 new bridges, took 450. On.

Request-Do not throw dirt on the beach. Biodiversity is dependent on these beaches and seas, do not endanger their lives by dumping dirt.


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