Passport rules.

Suddenly friends planned to travel outside the country. The problem is that there is no passport. You may not want to go to the passport office for fear of trouble. But now the ‘work’ of the passport can be done online. But for this you have to go outside. To deposit money first. Of course, if you want, you can also submit it online. A few banks have also introduced online passport deposit system. Which has taken this process one step further.
Let’s know a few steps to follow when applying for a passport




Step 1: Deposit money
If you want to get a passport online, you have to deposit money first. This is because the date of deposit and the number of the receipt of the deposit need to be mentioned while filling the form online. So you have to deposit money before filling the form. The regular fee is TK 3,450 and the fee for an emergency passport is Rs 8,900.
Step 2: Fill out the form online




This is the most important step. You have to fill the online form very carefully. As if there is no mistake. To fill the online form, first you have to go to the site of the passport office.
Then click on ‘I have read the above information and the relevant guidance notes’ and click on ‘continue to online enrollment’.
Your name and personal information – such as: your name, parent’s name. These names should be the same as the educational certificate or national identity card. If any information is wrong, it will be a problem to be in the passport.







In case of giving mail address and mobile number, what is being used must be given.
Date of deposit and receipt number should be given. Passport type should be selected as ‘ordinary’. The parts that are marked with red star mark must be filled.
In the Delivery Type section, select Regular for 30 days and Express for 15 days.
Once the complete form is filled, it will need to be checked again. The next step is to check if all the information is ticked.





Finally you have to submit the completed form. Upon successful submission, a PDF copy of the completed form will be sent to the e-mail address where the form was filled.
Step 3: Print and attest the form
Now you have to print 2 copies of the PDF copy in the mail. It has to be signed at the place of signing by the applicant. This time you have to attest four copies of your photograph, photocopy of national identity card and passport form from a first class officer. It is better to attest with someone you know. Because the name, contact and phone number of the officer and the number of the national identity card have to be written in the form.
Step 4: Recharge the entire form





Attested photo and bank receipt should be attached to the form with glue. Attested copy of National Identity Card should also be attached with the printed form. If you apply as a student, you must attest a photocopy of the student ID card and attach it to the form. After completing these steps, the form is ready to be submitted.
Step 5: Submit the form and take a picture
To complete the online form, you need to take a printed copy of the form, attested photo, national identity card and photocopy of student ID card to the passport office within 15 days.
You must not wear white clothes when going to the passport office. It is better to go to the passport office in the morning. Then the line is less crowded. You have to enter the main office directly through the main gate. Please ask the army member in charge which room to go to. At the end of the sign will be told which room to go to take pictures.





Then the serial will actually go to the specified room and call for taking pictures. You have to give your fingerprint after taking the picture. This time a receipt of passport receipt will be given. Subject to police verification, you will receive your passport within one month or 15 days of receiving the receipt.
Passport must be collected with the receipt on the appointed day.
(Ref.-Govt Circular Facebook page)


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