Paul Well Park, Rangamati.

Rangamati is a very diverse tourist spot. Every time you go it will feel new. One form of rain, another of winter. Mountains, fountains, blue water lakes, kayaking, palaces, monkey mischief, a variety of food, pineapples, glittering costumes of colorful tribes, their way of life much more!
Ever young Rangamati




In the midst of all this, a new park, Paul Well Park, has been created in Rangamati town at the initiative of the police department. With the city’s DC Bungalow. Family, Anda is good for spending time with the baby. Although I find it so a bit messy to organize so many places, the simplicity of the place seems to have been lost. But that is my personal opinion.
Here is a link to the YouTube video to see the details of the park –






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