Places of interest in Comilla.

Visit the sights of Comilla for the whole day for TK-700

Saidabad (Asia Line 200,250, Tisha 200) 5:30 am or Kamalapur (Royal 250/320, BRTC) Comilla buses are available from 6:30 am – If you GO by first Trip, you will be at Comilla Cantonment at 7:30/8 am.




Have breakfast from Kakli / Coffee House / Xian of Cantonment (if you have a group of 7/8 people or 10/12 people, it is better to rent Noha / hicae for the whole day – there is a renter in Cantonment Market – 01738244445)

from Cantonment (20 Taka Auto) first Maynamati War Cemetery,It was built in 1943-1944. This war mausoleum is located very close to Comilla Cantonment, about 7km from Comilla city. The cemetery was established by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) and they manage the cemetery. Every year in November, an annual prayer meeting is held here with the participation of religious leaders of all religions. There are 736 graves in this cemetery.








Address: Comilla-Sylhet Road

Hours: Wednesday 8 AM–12 PM, 2–5 PM

Thursday 8 AM–12 PM, 2–5 PM

Friday 8 AM–12 PM, 2–5 PM

Saturday 8 AM–12 PM, 2–5 PM

Sunday 8 AM–12 PM, 2–5 PM

Monday 8 AM–12 PM, 2–5 PM

Tuesday 8 AM–12 PM, 2–5 PM

You can spend 40-50 minutes at the Mainamati War Tomb, then 1.1 km in front of the Palace of Queen Mainamoti “Rani Mainamati Palace and Temple”It is an archeological site, located in Saheb’s Bazar area, Rani Mainamati Palace and Temple. Locally it is known as Rani ‘Mainamati Palace’. It is known that the excavation work started around 1986. As a result of the excavation, the architectural structures of a Buddhist temple during the four construction eras have been exposed. During the excavation, several terracotta plaques and ornate bricks have been discovered from here. Analyzing the architectural features and archeological heritage, it is considered to be an ancient monument from the 8th to the 12th century. For years, according to the Loknath calendar of the followers of traditional religions, a large-scale Baishakhi fair is organized here every 6 months from Baishakh. Besides, innumerable visitors from far and wide gather every day to see this traditional place.
Then return to Cantonment via Kotbari Biswaroad

Comilla Shalban Bihar and Museum

Shalban Buddhist Monastery is one of the ancient civilizations of Bangladesh. The monastery is located in the middle of Lalmai hill near Bird in Kotbari of Comilla district. The monastery was named Shalban Bihar as there was once a dense forest of Shal-Gajari around the monastery. Although this monastery is similar to Paharpur Buddhist monastery, it is small in size. During the construction of a road in the present Kotbari area at the end of 185, the ruins of a building were uncovered. The ruins discovered at that time were presumed to be a fort. Nalini Kant Bhattasali, the principal of the Dhaka Museum, visited the area in 1917 and while conducting a search of the area, decided to call the ruins the Pattikera Nagar, surrounded by the copper fort (thirteenth century AD) of Ranbangkamall Harikela Dev and the monastery. There are a total of 155 rooms in Bihar. It is believed that Buddhist monks lived and practiced religion here. In front of the room is a 7.5 feet wide porch and low walls at its end. There are three niches on the wall of each room where in the past idols or oil lamps etc. were kept. On the other hand, the hall, built on four sides of walls and four huge round pillars in front, is believed to have been the dining room of the monks. The size of the hall is 10 meters by 20 meters. There is a wide brick road on all four sides of the hall. Archaeological excavations at various times have uncovered eight copperplate inscriptions, about 400 gold and silver coins, and numerous burnt earthen plates or terracotta, seals, bronze, and earthenware statues. Shalban Museum next to Shalban Bihar – There are more than 20 archeological sites in Comilla – Archaeological findings found during excavations are preserved in the Gul Shalban Museum. You can have lunch at Kotbari Bazaar.

500 yards west of Kotbari Bazar is Kotbari – Kalir Bazar Road – BIRD (Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development), Latikat Mura, Itakhola Mura, and Rupban Mura – (Kotbari – Kalir Bazar Road is a very nice road) Finally you can reach Comilla town – In the afternoon After spending the day in the sea of religion – you can get on the bus from Manoharpur Matribhandar (Original) to Shasnagachha / Jangalia with the famous Rashmalai of Comilla – Best Wishes Comilla

Attractive places _ _-

Bangladesh Rural Development Academy, Shalban Bihar, Ananda Bihar, Mainamati Archaeological Museum and Museum, Mainamati War Cemetery Botanical Garden, Blue Water Park Zoo, Comilla Municipal Park, Shah Shuja Mosque, Dharmasagar Dighi, Rupsagari, Rupsagar. Buddhist Monastery, Lalmai Hill, Mainamati Hill, Kutila Mura, Itakhola Mura, Sater Ratnamura, Rani’s Bengal Hill, Ananda Bazar Palace, Bhoj Raj’s Palace, Rajshepur Ecopark, Birahimpur Shawl Forest, Rani’s House.


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