Places of interest – Sherpur district travel.

1) Ghajini Vacation Center
Approximate distance from Sherpur = 30 km: Bus fare = 50 TK. CNG fare = 250 TK. It is very easy to get here by road. Until the Ghajini vacation, there is a smooth dirt road of the Roads and Highways Department. It is best to travel from the capital Dhaka to Mymensingh. You can also come from North Bengal via Tangail-Jamalpur by road. The distance from Sherpur city to Ghazni is only 30 kilometers. Ghajini Holidays can be reached directly by microbus or private car from Dhaka. Ghajini in Jhenaigati can be reached in just three and a half to four hours by own vehicle from Dhaka. Besides, Sherpur can be reached by Dreamland bus from Mohakhali in Dhaka. Rent 250 TK. The AC bus leaves Mohakhali at 2 pm. Rent 350 rupees. Besides, the vehicle of Industrial and Merchant Association left for Jhenaigati directly from Gate No. 4 of Dhaka Bangabandhu National Stadium at 3-4 pm. Rent 300 TK. Those who come to Dreamland will be able to get off at Sherpur and go straight to Ghajini from Newmarket by microbus for 500 rupees. From Sherpur, you can go to Ghajini Holiday Center by local bus, tempo, CNG, or rickshaw.



2) Honeydew

The distance from Dhaka to Madhutila Ecopark is about 200 kilometers. You have to come to Sherpur from Dhaka’s Mohakhali bus stand via Mymensingh. There is a local bus service from the Sherpur bus stand to Nanni Bazar in Nalitabari Upazila. Rickshaws, CNG-powered autorickshaws, and motorcycles are available for rent from Nanni Bazar. From Sherpur you can rent a microbus, autorickshaw, or motorbike to reach Madhutila Ecopark. Or there is a gate lock service directly from Mohakhali bus stand in Dhaka to Nalitabari. The rent is 300 TK per person. From Nalitabari, you can reach Madhutila in 20-25 minutes by autorickshaw or motorbike. You can come back from Dhaka day by day.



3) King’s Hill and Babelakona


Sherpur city can be reached by bus or any vehicle from any part of the country. Karnajhora Bazar in Sreevardi is only 34 km away from here. You can come by bus, tempo, or any other vehicle. It is a breathtaking place from Raja hill to Babelakona. Next door is the leisure center. There are secure residential buildings to stay in at night. At low cost, in a short time, this Garo hill will give you indescribable joy.



4) The hill of Nayabari

Sherpur city can be reached by bus or any vehicle from any part of the country. Sreevardi is only 34 km away from here.



5) Panihata-Tarani hills


It is located at Ramchandrakura Union in the Garo Hills area bordering Nalitabari Upazila of Sherpur District, about 19 km from the town and about 25 km from Sherpur District Town. However, there is an easy and short distance road from Dhaka to Sherpur district town to Nalitabari from Nakla Upazila town. After that, you have to cross the Garkanda crossroads of Nalitabari town and go straight north first near Nakugaon land port and cross the Bhogai bridge at the turn on the east side. Then go straight east for about two and a half to three kilometers. At this junction, you have to change direction again to the north. The main point of Panihata-Tarani is about one kilometer along this northern road. Private rickshaws, CNG autorickshaws, or rented motorbikes can also be reached from Nalitabari town in just 35-45 minutes and at low cost. The motorcycle rent is around 150 TK.



6) Sutanal Dighi


Shalimar road can be reached from Nalitabari Araiyani Bazar via Sutiyarpar Bazar. Tempo, autorickshaw, or rented motorcycle is one of the means of communication.


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