Rangamati Forest Holiday Resort

We go to Rangamati more or less, in my opinion, it is enough for a day tour for those of us who live in Chittagong

Rangamati is basically a discussed one before
The tourist center is the hanging bridge. It is almost visited by tourists.

Went to Rangamati to meet my brother
And I did not know that a beautiful tourist center has developed in Rangamati.

We went to #Aranyak_Holiday_Resort controlled by Bangladesh Army
Due to the untiring efforts of the Bangladesh Army, the resort is becoming incredibly beautiful.







Forest Holiday Resort 6
1. Access to the resort area.
2. Eating and drinking at Pankauri Cantonment.
3. Free location / photography in the resort area.
4. Meals subject to table money.
5. Opportunity to use the ride / water park subject to ticket purchase

This ticket is valid for all military / civilian visitors above 10 years.
Weekly closed Mondays

Resort Contact: 01769312021

Forest Holiday Resort Ticket Price = TK. 50 / –

Go 2nd








It is controlled by Bangladesh Police Force
Ticket price – 30- / TK
If my brother didn’t get a ticket because he was a policeman

You can go to Dc banglo next to Powel park.

How to go to Rangamati 7
If anyone comes from outside Chittagong district, leave Rangamati bus from Oxygen

Name of the bus: Paharika
Car rental = 120 / – TK

Who can tell CNG driver from Rangamati to these two places

If you make a mistake, you will see forgiveness

To see pictures of my travels:

Note: Keep it clean wherever you go
Do not throw dirt where it is, throw it in the specified place


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