Ratargul, Utmachhara, Turangchhara travel stories in one day.

After eating last Thursday night, I was planning to take a nap, thinking that the next Friday would be a good night’s sleep. Suddenly a younger brother’s phone, Opash informed, brother we are coming to Sylhet 4! Now on the train! In front of the five brothers in the morning! There is nothing left to understand, they will tour Sylhet! So in the morning at 6.30 in the morning, five brothers met in front of the restaurant with them! I thought I would cut with the plan but the stubborn people did not leave me !!



Being local in Sylhet, more or less all the places have been visited more than once! Then he agreed to go again to talk to them, I decided to eat khichuri in the morning, everyone will go on a day tour Ratargul, Utmachara, and Turangchhara! Since there were five of us, we didn’t have to suffer much! There is a lot of CNG standing in front of the five brothers who can go back to Sylhet by visiting Ratargul, Bholaganj for 1400-1500 TK in a day contract with someone. At 8.15 in the morning, the first destination Ratargule CNG!

I went to the ghat in the middle of Ratargul. From there, the tour started at the rent fixed by UNO at Tk 650 for the only recognized swamp forest in Bangladesh! By the end of the rainy season, the water was much less, but it worked differently! The rows of trees in the middle of the forest looked very nice as the water dried up !! After spending more than an hour, I went to Bholaganj Ghat No. 10. It is better to say that we all went to Bholaganj before so this time we did not go to Zero Point. Leaving CNG at Ghat No. 10, I rented a boat from the ferry at Tk 10 per person and went to Dayarbazar. If I wanted to, I could have taken CNG here. But the condition of the road is very bad. I didn’t take CNG!



Moreover, it takes 40 minutes to go to Dayarbazar by CNG. 4-5 minutes by boat. If you tell anyone from the boat ghat of Bholaganj, where is the ferry to go to Dayarbazar? Will show. If you walk for 5 minutes on the sand near the riverbank, you will get to the ferry. Arriving at Dayarbazar, you have to go to Chararbazar by local CNG. Rent 30 TK per person. There is only one food hotel. Relatively good. Afternoon stomach puja had to be done there with 75 Tk Haor Fresh Small Fish, Vegetables, and Rice Unlimited Package Rs. After lunch, you can reach Utmachhara in just 7 minutes walk. If you don’t know the road, you will find many people there, get the cooperation of the locals. The next destination is Turangchhara by soaking the body in Utmachara.



These two places are rarely visited by tourists. That’s why the two places are so clean and noise-free! To go to Turangchhara, bikers from the market will request to ride their bikes 200 per bike. Since there was plenty of time on hand, and everyone was young, I started walking straight without listening to them. I reached Turangchhara in just 28 minutes. The way to go was awesome! On the way, we were accompanied by many green paddy fields, village methopaths, and the shade of the Meghalaya hills of India. Chara Bazaar on foot as before, playing with water for hours. Dayarbazar in local CNG from the market. Bholaganj Ghat again with 10 Tk ferry. Five brothers from Sylhet 7 in the reserve CNG fixed earlier from the ghat



Reaches Sylhet by 6.30 pm. The one-day day tour ended with dinner and farewell to them. If you wish, you can give such a day tour in one day. In that case, you have to come to Sylhet by night train or bus of your choice from any part of the country. Surely you know what to do after coming to Sylhet? The cost of the whole tour from Sylhet to Sylhet is 650 Tk per person.


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