Risang fountain.

9 km from Khagrachhari district headquarters, 6 km from tourist motel. And 2 km from Alutila. Risang Jharna is located in Matiranga Upazila. As soon as you go north from the main road, you will hear the murmur of the fountain. The total distance from the district town to the waterfall is about 11 km. With your own transport you can easily go to the foot of the waterfall. Walking a little on foot will further enhance the attraction of the ride. Anyone who walks on the side of a high mountain will get stuck in the mountain green and lifestyle. If you look at the valley thousands of feet below, you will be amazed at any amazing fascination.





The waterfall is about 2 km from the main road. The whole footpath. This natural waterfall is falling from a height of about 30 meters. Totally rocky environment. The water of the spring is falling from about 100 feet above the hill. After falling down, it rolled over another 100 feet of rock and landed on the plane. It is a unique form of it that will go beyond your imagination.


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