Rose Village Savar Birulia.

An island-like village has developed on the banks of the River Turag in the capital Mirpur. Whose name is Birulia? The name of this village is Birulia Union. If you walk along the sweet path of some villages of this union, it will feel like a kingdom of roses. Roses can be found in every house of this village, whether it is a commercial or a hobby.

The name of the ancient town is Birulia. Birulia is famous for the beautiful house of zamindar Rajinikanth, with about 11 ancient installations. You can visit such a place near Dhaka city once. I hope Birulia will take your mind away from the Turag river. Birulia’s Mirchini Murali is highly valued in different parts of the country. That is why these products are being sold in different fairs across the country besides Sonargaon. And Birulia is famous for its history and tradition. Part of the Bhawal Raja’s zamindari located at the far end of the village of Birulia by the river. The beautiful house of zamindar Rajinikanth. There are numerous rose gardens.

Rose garden in Birulia, Savar



Talking to the villagers of the Birulia Union, it is learned that in 1990, some youths of Dhaka started the first commercial rose cultivation in the area by leasing other people’s land. The yield was good and seeing the success of those young men, the locals also started cultivating roses commercially. In a very short time, it became popular in the village.

According to the Agriculture Office, ROSE is cultivated in 250 hectares of land in different areas of the Upazila. Most of these are cultivated in Mostapara, Samair, and Shampur areas of Birulia. About two hundred farmers have been cultivating this flower commercially. The number of farmers is increasing day by day due to good yield and demand.

Whatever you see
1 / Row upon row of red roses blooming in the rose garden.
2 / Bhomka Military Training Center, Firing Range.
3 / The lovely house of zamindar Rajinikanth.
4 / Newly built Birulia bridge over Turag river.
5 / Touch of the village very close to Dhaka

How to go,

Konabari bus stands in front of Mirpur No. 1 shrine, from here you can get Birulia Gami bus, 20 minutes journey, rent 20 takas. You can get off at the top of Birulia Bridge, or take that bus to Birulia Bazaar.

If you go down to the top of the bridge, take an auto-rickshaw, take a reserve, take about 200 rupees, go around in that auto, cross the bridge in an auto, go to Bhomka Military Training Center, remember, don’t leave the auto. ,

Bhomka turned around and went to the rose garden in an auto-rickshaw.

There are numerous rose gardens.
You can buy and bring flowers if you want.
Price and less, 3/5 rupees per back,

Don’t forget to pick the garden flowers with your own hands.
Then you will be insulted.
When the garden tour is over, take a bus or CNG from Birulaya Bazar to Mirpur.

A good place to get out in a short time at a low cost.



Those who have a car, they can take a car, it is better to take a small car, you can go around the whole village in the car,

If you want you can go by a trawler from Gudara Ghat,


He can also go by bike. If you go to Ashulia through Mirpur embankment, after some distance you will find Birulia bridge on the left-hand side, after crossing that bridge you will go straight, you will find a peacock on 4th road, if you go a little further you will see a market, flower wholesale market, right Go straight along the side road, and on the way, there will be many rose gardens.


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