Roy Bahadur Gate + Tarash Bhavan Rajbari, Pabna.

How many times have I searched Tarash Bhaban / Rajbari on Google Map and found nothing? However, Google has the information, then my friend said, Tarash Rajbari is the main gate of Tarash Rajbari near Roy Bahadur Gate.




What does history say?
Tarash Bhavan or Rajbari was built at some point in the 18th century. Its builder was the then zamindar Raybahadur Banamali Roy. In 1997, the Bangladesh Archaeological Department declared it preserved.



Current status:
Pretty good. Maybe a version of it was made a few days ago. Hearing that we came from Dhaka, the responsible uncle allowed us to open the lock and enter. The best news is that in a few months Tarash Rajbari will be opened to the public as a museum.



How to go:
Pabna old bus stands by bus from Dhaka to Pabna. Then you can go to this palace by auto or on foot. 😊

Be careful on the trip, get the garbage in the right place.


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