Sajek, the land of clouds.

How to change the date many times to leave in a hurry. I am going from Dhaka, the rest from Sylhet. I will go to Chittagong and leave together in the land of clouds. Who will break the writing of fate !! When I reached Chittagong 3 hours late, it was too late. With great difficulty we got a place on the engine of the bus in Khagrachari. Who will guarantee that I will be able to catch the afternoon escort in the morning if the bus crashes again !! The day when sorrow comes to the forehead, the day comes in all directions.
By the time we reached Dighinala, it was time for Suryamama to go to sleep. Escort is missed, so now is the way !! One CNG driver said he could take it. So we got up. Whatever is in the forehead. At the end of the day, we take the mountain road to heaven as if we are going to heaven. Aslam left for Baghaihat army camp. The sixteen arts of misfortune are full. Don’t let us go tonight. And after only 36 km our destination. 24 hours of trouble in vain !! So what else to do. Come back to Dighinala. And waiting for the next morning.






It’s morning. Our journey began again. The body is now rejuvenated by a good night’s sleep. Yesterday’s last we are today first of all Baghaihat. I came across Hazara on the way. It can be called waterless hajachara. Leaving the escort at half past ten, eleven o’clock is not leaving! As if we don’t have any worries, we are playing carom in Baghaihat market with a cup of tea in hand. 
This time there is no obstacle. The gates of heaven are open to us today. Indigenous children are welcoming us by shaking hands. This time I will meet Sajek. But ……
The condition of our CNG goes to cross the steep part of the last hill to Sajeke. Some way down so walking is against gravity.










Finally arrived. I decided not to get up in any cottage. Absolutely I will stay in their house with the tribals, I will eat their food. I will see their life struggle from very close. I called my sister. He came and welcomed me, as if a guest had come to the house. Then we took him to Machang where our stay was arranged. Going to the veranda of Machang, what we saw in front of us, all our hard work of two days was completely gone. This is my Bangladesh. <3
I went out in the afternoon with rest. I saw the sunset on the helipad. And after a while, millions of stars flocked across the sky. The whole sky is the Ganges. I don’t know how long I was lying under the stars in the sky. The monster in the stomach informed his existence. Back to Aslam Machang. Tonight’s menu is bamboo chicken, mountain rice cooked in bamboo, aluvarta, pulses. Like nectar. Sitting on the verandah and watching the sea of ​​clouds. As if living in a dream.











Night fell. It is dawn. In front of us, the sun seemed to rise from the sea of ​​clouds. I ate and set off towards Kanlak. The brightness of the sun then completely. An hour later I reached Kangla. We are above all then. Indigenous girls are sitting and weaving clothes. And the little ones are more joss. They are teaching us their language. I heard about a fountain. Two and a half hours from there. Some agreed to go. But I have to go. I made a little one (her name is Mauna) as a guide and left. Mauna and a couple of her friends also went with us. We are going to make a path in the forest. There is nothing like the end of the path. I heard the sound of a fountain. So much water in November !! How is it not in the rain! There is no one here except us. As if the light of the sun comes with great difficulty. The beginning is our rush. I came back to Kangla. No one has the energy to get out of here. A group is returning with their car. I left with them in their car. Thanks to them.
Aslam at Machang last afternoon. After taking a bath, one sleep. That’s hard work! I went out at night and came walking. Now it’s time to return. This must leave heaven! I ate dinner and sat down to talk to my sister. Didi asked to stay another day. In two days, he seems to have taken us as his own. The relationship has moved from you to you. I promised to take us to the zoom farm, along with another spring where fishing can be done. Didi agreed and we called our driver and asked him to come back another day. I lay down and waited for dawn again.
Didi gave time at 9 o’clock the next day. We went out before him. Walking for breakfast. Meet Bichurani and her team. Playing they cook with sand, leaves, bricks. Let me eat a leaf. After a while I saw everyone going to school with books in hand. School has not started yet. School in such a beautiful environment! I used them to clean the paper and plastic lying on the school ground. The more paper you can clean, the more chocolate you will get. Everyone went down to clean the field with great interest. (Although most of the garbage is mine.)
It’s nine o’clock. Our journey started with my sister. I reached the place of zoom farming. Mountain vegetables, vegetables are picked in baskets. Walking along the Jhiri path, I slipped and reached a fountain. There is no way forward. This is where our shrimp hunting begins. I grabbed a bottle of shrimp and four or five crabs and headed back. But Vidhibam.









Didi forgot the road! Epath also built new roads. A Jumghar in front. The shrimps were fried while sitting there. What a taste !! Mountains around, green and silence !! The barbecue is over. Our rest is also. I left for Machang. A well on the way. Sisters take drinking water from here. I took a bath here. As soon as he came to Machang, all Chitpatang. And sister and aunt started cooking. After a while, the vegetables brought by themselves appeared in front. Cooking without oil. Bashe is cooked instead of pan. What a taste. Pa to eat

Nut’s belt needs to be loosened, then leaned, but it doesn’t finish eating.
The car will arrive in the morning. I have to leave. Didi Aunty again invited in advance. Next time you will actually take me to see Sajek river !!!!
Simple patchless people seem to be stuck in a bond in 3 days.
Our Sajak episode is over. But there is still more to the tour. This time the journey is to Khagrachhari. I bought a night bus ticket and ate at the system restaurant and left for Rishang Jharna. When I went to give a slide, I slipped once. Although there was no major accident, I got pain in my elbow and knee. And I played 12 of the pants !!! (Fate was extra: P)
Alutila after Rishang. It was evening. We entered the cave with torches in hand. As if I have moved to another world. After 20 minutes I came back to the known world.
I went around Khagrachhari town at night and got on the bus at 9 o’clock. The bus left. I left behind one of the best 4 days of my life. And I’m taking with me thousands of memories to remember for a lifetime.







Cost: I stayed for three nights. It has been possible to finish the tour in a very short time so as not to stay in the cottage and not to eat at the hotel outside.
It takes 3500 at Machang for three days. (Although Didi wanted 3,000)
Food + travel + all other combined person 5300+ cost.

** I saw this fountain in the picture while traveling from Kanlak.
Happy traveling 🙂


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