Scenic park and fountain at the airport

This time you will see a beautiful park and fountain at an airport. Huge parks and fountains have been built inside Singapore’s Chengi Airport. The airport authorities have done this unimaginable thing for spending time and entertaining the passengers.






According to sources, it is the seventh busiest airport in the world. The five-story high-rise dazzling glass dome, the world’s longest indoor fountain and a thousand-tree park have been created inside the airport. After all the waiting, on April 17, Drishtinandan Airport was opened to the public.







Authorities say the 40-meter-high waterfall inside the airport is called The Rain Vortex. It is the tallest fountain in the world built inside four walls. Huge glass and steel dome above. The waterfall is surrounded by a 5 level natural park. Hazarkhan has green trees and flower gardens in the park.

According to the visitors, the size of this part called Jewel is 1 lakh 36 thousand square meters. The airport’s reputation has been further enhanced by the creation of parks and fountains. There are 260 shops for passengers. There are also hotels and cinema halls.

After the opening of the park on April 17, a huge crowd of visitors has been noticed. Passengers have expressed satisfaction that the park has been built.


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