Shaheed Siraj Lake Travelouge.

At 8.30 in the morning, Fahim’s younger brother shouted. Someone comes to visit so much time to sleep! What’s wrong with us? On July 11, at 4 pm, we left for Sunamganj in 11 microbuses. I thought I would reach Sunamganj by 12 o’clock at night. But the rules! The micro had to run slowly for the rain, for which I arrived at the hotel at 2.30 pm. That’s why it was a little late for everyone to wake up. However, the purpose of coming to Sunamganj was to visit Tanguar Haor and Shaheed Siraj Lake / Niladri Lake.



After breakfast, we took a microbus to Tahirpur, where our trawler was already fixed. But the day is late, the day is late everywhere! When I came to a place called Lalpur, I saw that the floodwaters had risen on the road and the road was broken. So the microbus will no longer go. What else to do? After crossing the broken road of Lalpur, I went to Bishwambharpur with CNG. Flood water in the streets, so no more CNG! Then another trawler reached Tahirpur at 1 pm. Then the trawler turned us around at Tanguar Haor and took us to a place called Tekerghat around 5 pm. And from here I walked 10 minutes and saw Shaheed Siraj Lake / Niladri Lake.



Assembly of hills and greens with clear water! Niladri Lake is a wonderful place. This tourist spot is Lime Stone Lake, an abandoned limestone mine. The real name of this lake is Shahid Siraj Lake. But in the travel community, this lake is better known as Niladri. The combination of beautiful blue water and mountains has made Niladri Lake extremely beautiful.



How to get there: Take any bus from Dhaka to Sunamganj and go to Sunamganj city. Then take a motorcycle or CNG to Tahirpur Upazila. Then go to the police station, enter the name and go directly to Tekerghat with the trawler. And in this Tekerghat you can see Shaheed Siraj / Niladri Lake.



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