Shittar banyan tree.

I don’t think there is any other queen who is so close to Dhaka. The Saittar banyan tree is located over a large area. Seen from a distance, it looks like a green tent. The floor will actually look like it has entered the green tent. There are actually two trees. One bot-another wing. There is also a temple below. There are many myths about this banyan tree in the area. He spoke to two or three eyewitnesses who saw a group of children playing under a tree, especially on a full moon night. I heard another story in Dhantara market. If the branches of this banyan tree are cut or damaged, then the stalks have reached the soil in this way. Some people have died by cutting the stalks so no one cuts the stalks for fear. Anyway I don’t believe these but it’s nice to hear.







How to get there: By bus from Gabtali to Dhamrai, from Dhamrai to Dhantara Bazaar in Laguna, from there by rickshaw you can take Saittar’s banyan tree


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