Sikkim and Darjeeling Travel Statement.

It was planned a long time ago that I would give a tour outside the country this year. At first, I thought I would go to Kashmir, but seeing that I did not have much time, I left Kashmir. Next, I decided to go to Bhutan + Darjeeling, but for various reasons, it was also left out. Next, I thought of Sikkim + Darjeeling, whatever you think. I couldn't even apply for a visa seeing that the exam was going on. After the exam ended on the 24th, I got everything ready and applied for an Indian visa at the IVAC Jamuna Future Park on the 25th. 4 people applied together.



Delivery date of two people was 2 dates, the remaining 2 people had 3 dates. As usual, I stood in line to get a visa on the 2nd. I was very scared to see the visas of the 2 people in front of me being rejected in the line, I thought I would be rejected. But seeing that I did everything right, I did not reject it. There was a problem with the other 2 people, whose visas were supposed to be given on the 3rd. They did not give the visa on the 3rd, they said 4th or the next day. They will give the date of the visa. The election of Sikkim is on the 11th, so if you don't get the visa on the 4th, the tour is sure to be canceled. It is not possible even after the election because one of us Sam also worked since May surueta a lot of tension. But luck was on their side, they got the visa on the 4th. After getting their visa, we cut the ticket of Hanif's Dhaka-Banglabandha bus on the 5th of April. A bus from Dhaka to Hanifbandha goes directly to Banglabandha, the fare is Tk. 700 The distance from Siliguri is 15-16 km, and the distance from Chandrabandha is 60+ km. And the problem is much less in Banglabandha-Phulbari immigration than in Burimari-Chandrabandha immigration. That is why we became Banglabandha-Phulbari.First night: The bus left Dhaka for Banglabandha at 6 pm. We ate dinner in Bogra around 10 pm and slept on the bus. The bus reached Banglabandha Zero Point around 5.30 am. Then there is no other way but to sit and wait because immigration will open at 9 in the morning. After walking around the border for a while we have breakfast at 8 in the morning and wait. As soon as immigration opens we stand in line with 510TK travel tax. Travel Tax Dhaka It is better to go through, then time will be saved. I finish the work with 50 + 50-speed money + 50 taka border development fee per person. You can't finish work here without money, so it is better to give something. The people of Bangladesh Immigration use it well enough, the students say something less. But in India you have to pay 100+ 100 TK per person, there is no excuse to enter Bangladesh after finishing the work of Bangladesh Immigration. BSF checks the passport and picks everyone up in the auto. Will not give. Will reach Indian immigration by auto, will take 15 rupees per person in return. Indian immigration has taken some time.Cost: Dhaka-Banglabandha bus fare = 600Food = 150Towel tax + immigration + auto = 65Total = 1815 rupeesDay 1: After finishing the work of immigration, we go to exchange money at 11 clock. It is better to exchange money from the border, otherwise, the rate is a bit lower. There is a syndicate here, everyone wanted to raise the rate to 69 rupees in Bangla. After checking and selecting many money exchangers, we went to;



Majumdar Enterprise


After talking for a long time, Majumdar agreed to pay us 60 rupees, but the condition was that no one else should be told. After talking for a while more, he paid 60.50 rupees. After hearing from him, we went to Phulbari market with auto rental of 10 rupees per person to buy SIM. It is better to buy a SIM from around the border, the problem of buying SIM elsewhere is more expensive. Good. After buying a SIM from Phulbari, we go to SNT (Sikkim nationalized transport) by auto at a discount of Rs 25 per person. No permission to travel to Sikkim from Okhanathe. There is no lack of brokers located here. You will say that I will give permission, I will give the package of North Sikkim. Don't forget to take the package from Siliguri if you fall into the clutches of any broker. Go to SNT and get 1 photocopy of passport, 1 photocopy of visa, 1 passport size photo, and they will give permission only after filling and submitting the form. The number of days you will ask for permission will be given for a few days. But it takes more time in Rangpo, so permission should be taken from SNT. Sikkim Permit ILP (Inner line permit) which will give, first make 10 photocopies of the waiter. And be very careful about the main copy of the waiter, because it will take you to enter Sikkim. After getting permission, we cut the bus ticket from Siliguri to Gangtok with 150 rupees per person. If you want, you can reserve a shared jeep or car and go. Shared jeep fare is 250 rupees, AC bus fare is 250 rupees, the non-AC fare is 150 rupees. Or why not take the bus, tell the driver in advance that Zeno waits 10 minutes at the Rangpo checkpost because from there to hit the entry seal on the passport. It will be. If you don't tell me in advance, you can charge extra. Our bus was at 1.30 am. We had lunch in Siliguri and got on the bus. The bus started its journey on time. After leaving the bus, it started raining heavily. It was going on


I went to see the crooked roads and hills at Radhangpo check post. If I show the passport and permission I took from SNT at Radhangpo, the entry will be sealed in the passport. Anyone will have to take everyone’s passport and SNT permission paper. At around 30, Aslam left for Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim. Now it is time to find a hotel. Ujate went out. MG Marg near the bottom of a hotel acceptable kamaamara hotelagulara hire some at the bottom of MG Marg, some in front of the police station, “Marigold Hotel” I was at. The hotel rent was 900 rupees per day. After fixing the hotel, we went to pick up North Sikkim’s package. Since there were 4 of us, I posted on TOB to share North Sikkim’s package with any group. John Ed. They were at Hotel Annapurna. From that hotel, we took a 2 day one night (Lachung, Yamthang Valley) package for 12500 rupees. Being a Sikkim Restricted Area, you have to travel through a travel agency. Permission requires 3 photocopies of passport, 3 photocopies of visa, 3 copies of passport size photo and photocopy of ILP. You should take the package directly from the travel agency without taking the package from the hotel, then the cost will be less. Seeing that we had less time, we took the package from the hotel early. Almost everything closes at 9 o’clock in Gangtok, so try to finish everything before 9 o’clock. And when you take the package, you must ask how many lanes, dinner, breakfast, and what kind of hotel to stay in Lachung. Because most of the time Lachung is wooden. It is very difficult to stay in a wooden hotel due to severe winter. And to get there from MG Marg to North Sikkim, but the taxi fare is 150 rupees. Tell them that they rent a taxi and take it there, then you do not have to pay an extra 150 rupees. Our package included 2 buffet-style lances, 1 dinner, and breakfast. After finishing work like that day, I ate biryani from Jannat Hotel and came to the hotel and fell asleep early. Because I have to leave for North Sikkim at 9.30 am the next day.
Cost: Rs. 75 = Rs. 650 (per person)





The second day: I woke up at 9 am the next day, freshened up, and checked out of the hotel. I left our bags at the hotel and said that I would come back from North Sikkim and stay at this hotel. There is no breakfast from a restaurant in front of the hotel. After walking for a while on MG Marg, we got into a car in North Sikkim. Our “Bolero Max” gave us a car, 9 people were able to sit comfortably. The car was supposed to leave at 10 o’clock but it was about 11 o’clock when we left. Km, the whole hilly winding road. It takes over 5 hours to go. When I go, I think I will go up once and I will go down again. The weather in Sikkim changes after a while, this rain, this sun is covered with clouds again. The look of the mountain that I saw while passing through the hilly road, which cannot be explained by description. Sometimes it seemed that the cloud would probably come in the palm of my hand. At 1.30 in the afternoon, I landed the package and got back in the car. The river Teesta will fall in front of me when I go. I have never seen such clear blue water before. There will be two big beautiful fountains in front of me. , I was anxious to know when the ice would melt. On the road, Mr. Allready has repeatedly suggested that there is a place called “Katao” where there is a lot of snow. Katao is not in the package, you have to pay extra for it. Drivers will repeatedly say that there is no snow in Yumthang Valley. Don’t forget to listen to them. As I climbed to the top, I suddenly found ice in the distant mountains. The value is increasing. Finally, we came to Lachung at around 6 pm. They took us to “Hotel Victoria”, a very nice hotel. 3 rooms for 9 people, 3 single beds in each room. I read some posts that in Lachung hotel. There is no electricity, this is it, but we didn’t have any problem. We came to the room at 8 o’clock in the night after dinner and listened to some Bangla songs (Hindi songs in the car for 2/3 days) Was disturbed to hear) I sleep because it will be out within the next 6 am.
Cost: Rs. 1440 = Rs. 1690 (per person)




Day 3: After waking up at around 5.30 am, Rimon called his brother and told him that it was snowing outside. I thought maybe it’s nonsense, it took me a few seconds to go out and believe my own eyes. I see that the hill with the hotel is covered with snow, and how Zeno is glistening in the morning sunlight. After eating breakfast (Maggie Noodles and Tea) in the package at around 8 am, we set off for Yumthang Valley from the bottom of the hotel with a gumboot rent of Tk 50 per person. If you want to walk on ice, you must rent gumboots. Sikkim is called Land of Organic, everything here is clean and fresh. All plastic bottles have to be left on the way from Lachung to Yamthang Valley, otherwise, you will be fined Rs 500 if caught. The distance from Lachung to Yamthang Valley is about 26 km, but you can’t go all the way because the road is closed due to snow.




But it seemed that it might be far away. Some of the group were very disappointed. We 2/3 people thought that I will take the ice in my hand, I will walk as far as I can. I saw some such scenes while walking, they are just beautiful to look at. It is not possible to capture this beauty by any camera. It seemed that I was moving somewhere outside the world. It is not possible to understand if God’s creation cannot be so beautiful. Every time I look at the mountains, I look new. After walking about 3/4 km, I found a pile of ice. After throwing snow for about 4 hours, I got in my car at 11.30 am and went to Lachung Hotel. From here I packed my bags, landed the package, and left for Gangtok again at 12.30 am. On the way there I saw no rain, I reached Gangtok at 6.30 pm to see another aspect of the mountain. The other 5 members of the group got in the car in Siliguri and us 4 people took a taxi with 300 rupees and went to “Hotel Marigold”. Freshened up from the hotel, I went to the agency to take the package of Sangu Lake. By Agencies (Newman Tours & Travels) went iyamatham 3500 the Agency took the money Sangu Lake diyeekhaneo package that will take 3 copies of everything. After finishing everything, we had dinner at “Aslam Hotel” from the back of Denjong Cinema Hall and walked around MG Marg. Later at around 10 pm we ate Domino’s Pizza (didn’t get a chance in Bangladesh) and came to the hotel to sleep.
Cost: Rs 60 = Rs 630.

On the fourth day, after having breakfast at Aslam Hotel at 6 am, we left for Sangu Lake at 6.30 am. Mahindra Balero gave us the car. Sangu Lake is located at an altitude of 14,000 feet. The road to Sangu Lake is terribly beautiful. I have seen many such roads on YouTube and TV but this is actually the first time. The higher I got, the colder it gets, the colder it gets. When I was climbing Sangu Lake, I suddenly saw that it was covered with clouds. The weather in Sikkim is a big responsibility, now somehow it changes after 10 minutes. The water of the lake is frozen. Everything was fine. The only problem was the weather. There were clouds all around. I was a little upset that I couldn’t see it well. I kept asking the driver when I got in the car if there was a chance of snowfall today. The probability is 0%. It happened 5/6 days ago or once. Suddenly I saw the sun and my mind got better. After throwing snow for a while, I saw that it was snowing. I thought for a while whether it was really snowing or an illusion. No, the eyes are fine, it is actually snowing. The beauty of Sangu Lake is not to be described. If we talk about Sangu Lake, the text will be much bigger. Sangu Lake is the most beautiful place in Sikkim. At around 1.20 in the afternoon, we left Sangu Lake for Gangtok when it was starting to rain heavily. Arriving at Gangtok, we hired a taxi for Rs 200 and left for Darjeeling stand, as our next destination is Darjeeling. From here I bought a share taxi ticket at Rs. 250 per person. After cutting the ticket, I had lunch and left for Darjeeling. There is no exit seal from Rangpo on the way out. You must seal the exit seal on the way out, otherwise, there will be trouble in the next one. I reached Darjeeling by Ankabaka hill road around 8 pm. I forgot the name), the hotel rent is 1000 rupees. There are many hotels in Darjeeling, you can find the one you like. Everything is fine at around 9.15. I went out to eat thirteen meals, by which time almost all the restaurants were closed. Hategona was open a few, I went to a Bengali restaurant for dinner with the help of a local man. After dinner, I came to the hotel and fixed the car for the fortnight site sighting. The spot will show at 11 o’clock, the rent is 2500 rupees. I fell asleep early that day because I have to get up at 3.30 pm to see the sunrise on Tiger Hill.
Cost: Rs. 1820 = TK. 2280 (per person)



Day 5: We left for Tiger Hill at 4 am. The main attraction of Tiger Hill is the sunrise. Try to get out between 4-4.30 am, otherwise, you will miss the sunrise. It will take about 30 minutes. When the sun shines on Kanchenjunga at sunrise, a golden view of Kanchenjunga comes, which is amazing in a word. Seeing the sunrise on Tiger Hill we went to the Sleep Monastery. It is a Buddhist temple. From Aslam Batasia Loop to Ghum Monastery. You have to pay 20 rupees per person to enter here. There are some clear viewing arrangements including Kanchenjunga through Batasia Loop Telescope for only 20 rupees. If you want, you can see. Kanchenjunga can be seen very nicely on the way to the Rock Garden. From Rock Garden, I went to Darjeeling Zoo. Then I went to Rope Way. From there I went to Tea Garden. They sell tea in the vicinity of Tea Garden, but they are not original. You can get original tea at Nathmulls on Mall Road. Another one a little further ahead. I saw Tenzing Rock through the Peace Pagoda from the garden and returned to the hotel at around 12.30 am. After lunch, I went back to the hotel. The food here is good, the price is relatively low. If you want to shop from Darjeeling on Mall Road.

Below is a market called “Chawkbazar”, you can do it from here. You will get many good things at low prices. At 1.30 pm I left for Siliguri in a share jeep, the fare is 150 rupees. I came to Siliguri around 3.40 pm. I rented and came to Venus. After searching for a while, I got up at “Hotel Golden Moments”, the rent is 1200 rupees. I thought the hotel rent in Siliguri is more. After resting at the hotel, I went shopping at Big Bazaar with an auto around 7 pm. I am coming to Mr. Leathers after Big Bazaar. After shopping, I ate dinner and came to the hotel and slept.
Cost: Rs. 1360 = TK. 1800 (per person)



Day 6: I woke up a little later today than on other days. I woke up and didn’t have breakfast at the side of the hotel. Then I checked out at the hotel and went to Bidhan Market for shopping. Items are cheaper in Bidhan Market, you can shop from here if you want. After shopping, I had lunch, reserved an auto at around 3 am, and came to Phulbari Immigration. Within half an hour, I entered Bangladesh by doing immigration work + money exchange. After arriving in Bangladesh, Hanif bought a bus ticket and took the same bus that I had arrived in. I finished my immigration work in half an hour and sat in the waiting room and waited for the bus. The bus left at 8.40 am. I ate at Nurjahan Hotel, the food + service here is very good and the price is also cheap. The next day at 9.45 in the morning I arrived in Dhaka. René has been delayed somewhat.
Cost: Rs 245 = Rs 304 + Rs 901 = TK 1205 (per person)




Total Cost = 1815 + 650 + 1890 + 630 + 2280 + 1800 + 1205 = 10350TK per person (approx.)
Some necessary words:
* If you want to go to Sikkim, try to go in groups of 7/8 people, then the cost will be less.
* Wear a heavy jacket, thermal inner, gloves, wool leg socks to deal with extreme cold.
* If you climb up the hilly winding road by car, you may feel nauseous or headache. Keep an adequate amount of headache, vomiting, gastric medicine with you.
* It may rain at any time, so keep an umbrella with you at all times.
* Take 10 copies of passport, visa, photocopy, and 10 passport size photos.
* Money exchange will be done from the border. It is better to buy from SIM and border areas.



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