Six day Sikkim travel story.

Sikkim is the second smallest state in India. It is bordered by Nepal, China, and Bhutan. In the lap of Kanchenjunga, North Sikkim is covered with snow, while in South Sikkim, it is covered with greenery. The influence of Nepali and Bhutanese culture is much greater here Many old Buddhist monasteries, temples have established Sikkim as a historical place, again all the extraordinary scenery – mountains, rivers, clouds meet this Sikkim.


Day 1, December 26, 2019 (Saturday):


Our border was Changrabandha-Burimari when 20 people started their journey from Dhaka Kalyanpur on Shyamoli Paribahan. We start from Kalyanpur at 7.30 pm, stop at 11.00 pm at Bogra’s “Food Village” for dinner and taste Bogra yogurt.



Day 2, December 29, 2019 (Sunday):


At 6:00 in the morning we reach Changrabandha, there is no rest in Shyamoli’s restroom till 6 o’clock due to early departure, sometimes we have cold tea in front of Tong’s tea and at 6 o’clock we don’t eat last country’s food from Buri’s hotel, the food was wonderful. We go to the immigration of Bangladesh and after 30-40 minutes we finish all the work and go to Indian immigration. Dollars at Zero Point, not Rupees from Money, Indian Immigration. Welcome to India in a new place, sitting in the front seat, having fun, talking to the driver, helper, one after the other, Moynaguri, Jalpaiguri, I came to Siliguri at 12.45, where two more joined us, their border was Banglabandha. After that, the three of us left for Sikkim for permission ILP (INNER LINE PERMIT), but the Siliguri office was closed on Sunday due to this so we started our journey to Gangtok around 2 am after refreshing and having tea and breakfast in Siliguri.


We had lunch at around 5.00 on the way, our target was to go to Rangpo Checkpoint for Sikkim Permission ILP (INNER LINE PERMIT) before 7. Rangpo Checkpoint I went to immigration with everyone’s passport, visa photocopy and photo and the officer explained to me in a very nice way what to do, within 15-20 minutes all the permits and passports were sealed and welcome to Sikkim. Finally, at 8:00 pm, I covered a distance of 120 km and entered the city of Gangtok at an altitude of 5400 feet. Our hotel was a 10-minute drive from MG Market, the hotel had geysers and WiFi facilities


Surprise to open the hotel window! It was as if all the stars in the sky had come down to earth. The electric lights from the houses on the side of the hill looked like a pair of stars from the side, by which time the hands and feet began to get cold in winter.


We had dinner at the bottom of the hotel, so we finished dinner. After a journey of 25 hours, the body is no longer moving, but the restless mind, so after 20 minutes of walking down the street, come to the room and get a winter sleep.


Day 3, December 30 (Monday):


After waking up in the morning, I had breakfast with tea, luchi-potato lentils, and eggs, packed my bags (necessary clothes and paper) to go to Lachung, left the rest in a hotel room and took a taxi to the jeep station. . We had already made all the bookings, the journey to Lachung started at 11 am with 3 jeeps. We continue on the hilly path towards Lachung.


Along with the way, we have lunch of the package, in which we visit Seven sister falls, Kanchanjangha viewpoint, naga falls, and a few more spots and reach Lachung at around 7:00 pm. As soon as we entered Lachung, it started to get very cold, the temperature was -6 ° C. 


After checking-in at the hotel, we did not finish our evening breakfast with tea in the cold in Kankon, then wandered around 8.the hotel for a while and ate dinner with chicken, rice, vegetables, and pulses of packages. We had fun together on the street, then we sang together in the room and slept around 12.30.


(Before entering Lachung, we had to throw away all the plastic bottles we had with us because the use of plastic is forbidden in Lachung, so we have water pots).


4th day, 31st December (Tuesday):


Very early in the morning at 6:00, we left for Zero Point, with breakfast. From then on, a different kind of excitement was working in my mind.


From Lachung we kept going up to Zero Point and as we got up we realized I was having a mild breathing problem. At 10:30 we reached Zero Point at an altitude of about 15,400 feet. Without seeing what could have been the creation of the Creator, I don’t think our tour would have been self-sufficient if we hadn’t gone to Zero Point. Zero points cannot be explained in words. We then walked around Zero Point for a while, ate Maggie, warmed up, and headed for the Yamtang Valley. After wandering around Yamtang Valley for some time, we left for Lachung Hotel. At 1.30 am, Aslam freshened up at the hotel and had lunch. This time it was my turn to return to Gangtok, on the way back I saw Amitabh Bachchan Falls and came to my room at 9.30 am. We all celebrated 31st at night (the best 31st in life was).


(There are several army camps from Lachung to Zero Point. It is forbidden to take pictures at their borders.)


Day 5, January 1 (Wednesday):


After breakfast, we drove to Changu Lake at around 9.30 am. On the way we were told to come back before 1.30 Snowfall, we are very happy to hear.


11:40 We reached Changu Lake when we reached Changu Lake there was a sweet sun in the sky. After a while, instead of the bright sun in the sky, I started to see the clouds all around. The whole area turned white in the clouds, we enjoyed the two forms of Changu for quite some time. After that, I left for Gangtok at 1.40 am, arrived at the hotel at 4.00 pm, had lunch and went shopping (MG Market, Big Bazar), and ate street food in Sikkim.


I have never seen such a clean and tidy city, I have never seen a piece of paper or polythene lying anywhere, smoking is forbidden in public places in Gangtok. If someone is caught smoking or throwing dirt in a public place, they have to pay a large fine. And everyone obeys the law very nicely. Even the number of times I have heard the horn of the car during the whole time can be counted. And the people there are also very honest and helpful, I went to the room at 8.00 and had dinner.


Day 6, January 2 (Thursday):

Today is the last day of our tour. I woke up very early in the morning, had breakfast, packed all the bags on the minibus, and left for Changrabandha at 7.30 am. We will have lunch on the target road (in Siliguri), but what else to do if you are unlucky?


6.10 to come to Changrabandha to respond to the driver’s call of nature with a jam-like 5.30-hour. I realized how precious 10 minutes is in human life. The border was closed at 6.00 am. What else to do? Stay overnight in the guest house next to the border and cook at the hotel next door.


Blessed Last Day (Friday):


The first thing to do in the morning is to pass the immigration and come to Buri’s hotel at 10.00 am to have a good meal with a buffet (Haas, Khasi, chicken, fish). Departure for Dhaka at 1.30 am with Barkat (bus), we reached Gabtali at 1.00 pm, in the middle of the tour. The journey of about 2200 km is over.

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