Some ideas about the Sundarbans tour travel agencies.

Some of my mixed experiences with travel agencies are on this tour.
I first talked to a travel agency in Dhaka. The price of the package there is said to be 8500 TK per person. There were 3 of us. Mom, Dad and I. We were first told that the Discover launch would have 4 rooms with attached baths. This is the end of the matter, the payment is also cleared. From here we are given the name and phone number of a person from Khulna. It is said that if he goes to Khulna, he will manage everything.









Arriving in Khulna, we contacted that man. He said we were not given a Discover launch but a Bonbilas launch with a room for 3 people. The reason is said to be more bachelor in discovery and family in forest. And since we are a family, we are given to the forest. Well, we didn’t object anymore. When we want to know about the room then it is called a couple bed, space in the middle then a single bed. However, there is no attached bath, common bath has to be used, this time we object, they say that the bath system is like the cabin of the bed train in the Discover launch. But like the hotel in the forest. Not up and down like a train. So we have to consider a little. We also considered it (actually my dad didn’t want to get in trouble anymore, so I didn’t say anything else).







Another story after getting on the launch. I went and saw that there was no room in the launch that we had been told about for so long. The rooms have a bath system like the cabin of that train. The room above him is very narrow. This time the mood is worse. This time the captain of the launch and the owner of the launch came and explained to us that we had misunderstood, that the person we were talking to had a short time memory loss, that he had made a mistake, that the room with attached bath cost 12,000 TK All the other rooms are sold out, if we want another room, it is said that 3 people have no room anymore, all 2 people, then if we ask for a room for 2 people, they are told that even if we pay lakhs of rupees, they will not be able to give room, they are one word. People, who are given the room they are talking about, can’t be given another room. Much more like this. The mood is going to be bad for anyone at this time. In the meantime, the launch owner leaves the launch, the launch owner knows everything as we say the captain of the launch. This is how all our words are avoided.





Then our launch guide who came, he was the only polite authority until then. He came and sincerely apologized to us. And assure that we will not be dissatisfied with their service. Despite his assurance, we woke up in that room later.





Here are some of my perceptions,
The launch owner and the travel agency Gula do not actually run the tour, they are the mediators. These are the ones who can do all kinds of tricks. Their words have no value, they are able to turn the words around in 2 minutes. So if you talk to them, you will bring everything in writing. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Therefore, in my opinion, you will bring all the information related to accommodation in writing from these travel agencies. That’s safe.

So far so good. After that, the use of tour guides and launch service boys did not disappoint us. The talk of our guide was very elegant, he was also very helpful, I did not see him getting upset in any of the coaches, but he helped us a lot with a lot of enthusiasm. I have to thank him. Batt, his name was Alam Saheb. Besides, our guard who was also very funny and very sociable. His name is Abul Kalam. Thanks to him too. And Launch Service Boy Rao was very helpful. So, with their sincere use, even after not getting the desired room, I can say that the overall tour has been good.








Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh!
There was no problem with food. Breakfast in the morning between 9am and 9.30am, then light snacks at 11am, lunch between 1.30am and 2pm, then breakfast in the evening between 5.30am and 6.00pm, then dinner between 9.30am and 10.00am In Self service was food and drink. There was no buffet, but if anyone wanted a main course extra, it was given immediately, so the meal was like a buffet in the end.

If you don’t have any dry food with you, you won’t have any problem. Still, the waterway, in my opinion, is better to keep some food with you.







Now let’s talk about some serious awareness.
Brother, the Sundarbans is ours, isn’t it ??
Why is the place getting dirty by throwing plastic bottles, noodles, packets of chips, shoes, bags, net bags ??
We had two foreigners with us, one from Germany and the other from Korea. When they go back and say that Bangladesh is dirty, people have made a place like Sundarbans dirty, will it be a matter of pride for us ??
Those who throw bottles of drinks, packets of chips wherever they are please think a little.


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