Some information about Kuakata.

Many people see that Kuakata becomes Barisal but everyone has forgotten that Kuakata tourist center is in Patuakhali. The third seaport is also surrounding Kuakata in Tiakhali.
The local people are very good. Lately, the behavior of those who come from outside and do business is not good. Everything is getting more expensive. We had to wait there for a few hours.
The distance from Dhaka to Kuakata is about 360 km. The length of the beach is 16 km. It is the only beach in South Asia where you can see both sunrise and sunset. Hotel Nilanjana is a very old hotel. There are many good quality hotels including motels. It is better to go around in winter season. Launch travel is more comfortable than car. There is Rakhine market here, the boat that Rakhine came from Myanmar 400 years ago sank in the storm. The boat was rescued a few years ago. The name of the boat is Golden Boat. Ego Park, Hilsa Park There are 10 ponds. There is success in research on hilsa fish in the pond. Every day there is a lot of shooting with dramas and telefilms. The price of food is a bit high here. A small bowl of roasted shrimp is 60 rupees. There is a separate building near Rakhine Women’s Market. Misri Para has the largest statue in Asia. There are many more places like Kawar Char, Fatara Char, Red Crab Char. If you see the chars, you have to go in winter. .







Luxury launch goes from Dhaka to Patuakhali. 5/6 leaves from Dhaka to Patuakhali. Single cabin one thousand rupees double two thousand family cabin a little more. All luxury launch three storeys. AC, non AC, two beds, two fans, TV Everything is there. Four people can go to the room of two people. The next two people pay 200 rupees for the deck. If no one wants to take the cabin, they call for 200 rupees. Go to the stand. 20/30 rupees per person. Don’t go for this fare at lunch time. Go for a little bargain. Kuakata has a lot of local buses. 140 rupees. Many buses go one after the other. You will see empty buses and buy tickets. .People are full. Wait a little. You will reach in two hours. If you are not in the hotel, you will go to the beach. There is a wooden bed under the umbrella to rest. 20 rupees. There is a toilet in the middle. Near the beach road


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