Some of the Mayadwip and the rest of the way to go on a char trip.

The plan for this tour has been running in my head for more than a week. Then we left today for Mayadwip. However, for some reason, the journey delayed us for about an hour. We rented a trawler before reaching Vaidyer Bazaar. Then we had lunch from Vaidyer Bazaar. There were ten of us. There were two girls in it. Two very brave girls.
Walking along the high waves of the Meghna and having fun, we left Mayadwip behind and within an hour we went to the inner char (the local name of the char of Maidhya). In my opinion, Meghna is more turbulent this season. Besides, all the beautiful scenery after being caught in the vicinity of the surrounding area. The char island in the middle is very beautiful and surrounded by green. Green all around, then the melodious murmur of sheep. I have felt. If I talk about the whole island, it is a place that catches your eye. After spending most of the time there, I came to Mayadwip. The reason for coming after Mayadwip is that the place is small. Extremely cold wind here. I enjoyed the Maya of Meghna and Mayadwip from there till evening.



The good understanding of the clouds with the setting sun suddenly happened. So the sunset was not seen anymore. I left from there and ended up seeing these beautiful creations of Allah up close.
A great money-making tour at the end of the day.



From Sonargaon Vaidyerbazar Ghat one trawler can go to two places.



How to go:
You can get direct auto or CNG from Dhaka to Sonargaon crossroads by taking any bus from there to the intersection.
You can come at the same time.



There is probably no need to tell those who know the other way to the crossroads.
We went from Nabiganj to the crossroads by auto.



Rent: Auto or CNG per head from the crossroads 15-20 TK.
Trawler rent: 1000 TK.
Although I rented 600 TK.

Cost of food:
Rice: 10 TK plate
Fish: 80-90 TK
Chicken: 60 TK
Khasi: 120 TK
Pulses: 5 TK.

You can never believe it before you go there and see it with your own eyes.

We will not ruin the environment.
This is a good thing today.
Two places got very clean and tidy.


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