Some tips and warnings about Cox’s Bazar & Saint Martin travel.

Some travel tips and warnings 6

1) First of all, it is not said that the cost of going on a common holiday can be 2 times or 3 times more than normal.
If you want you can come back from Dhaka within 5/6 thousand and you can come back within 9/10 thousand.

2) If it is not good to book the ship ticket to St. Martin in advance, you have to pay three times more for the standing ticket.




3) You must try to go to the full moon, then you can enjoy the beauty of the day and the softness of the night very well.

In the late afternoon, cycling from Cinnamon Island to see the sun set and go to Maine Beach to see a huge moon. It would be impossible.





4) If you have children with you, you can visit Radiant Fish World in Cox’s Bazar. If not, it is better not to go there, because it would be better to stand by the sea without buying a ticket for 300 TK.

5) The sun is very hot during the day so try to keep an umbrella and sunblock cream.





6) In Cox’s Bazar you can visit Himchhari hills, waterfalls, Patwartek in one day and you will get the opportunity of parasailing on this road – cost 1500 TK per person – don’t miss if you have courage and budget – it will be good – but if the wind is low, parasailing is not done. Open until. And wherever you are all day, you must stay at Labani or Inani Beach in the evening – to watch the sunset over the abyss.

6) If you go to St. Martin, you must go to Chhera Island. Ships depart from Teknaf once a day at 9 a.m. and from St. Martin once a day at 3 p.m. If you don’t stay there for one night, it is useless to go.




You can book online in advance for the tour – from You can choose the service according to your budget.

6) And yes, to balance the environment, no one should throw a packet of chips or dirty at sea or on the beach.


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