Sonaichhari Jharna Sitakunda.

The stone ceremony, the narrow path in the middle, the thorns of the mountain tree, the danger of the leech step by step, the danger around, and the handful of boundless natural beauty. Finally, after walking for 2 hours, I found the fountain. The alternative way back is to go up and down the slope of the steep hill. Lost in another world for some time



Sonaichhari is one of the inaccessible trails of Sitakunda. Jhiri path has gone in the middle of steep hill. Some places are very slippery. In the middle, you will find Badur’s cave .. There are thousands of Badur in it .. If you hit a rock or two in the water while passing over, you will hear the sound of fluttering wings. The cave is 100 feet below. Which is reflected on the wall of the mountain and comes back to the ears. As inaccessible as it is varied. In some places, there is a deep ravine.
The leech of Sonaichhari has a different name. 😞😞



Ideal place for adventure lovers. Remember the name ‘Sonaichhari Jharna’ …



How to get there:



Hadifki’s Hat lives from AK Khan. 3 minutes walk from the market is the head of the pool, the train bit from the mother of the pool with a rickshaw. One rickshaw can seat 3 people. Start walking with the guide from the head of the pool.
If you walk for 2 hours, you will get a shower. Be careful about leech. I was caught at 13 …



Take the guide mast.




When you come back, you can have lunch at the hotel in front of the pool (Al-Zaman).



# Cost



AK Khan to Hadifkir Hat = 50 / –
Pool head to rail bit per person = 5 / –
Lunch = 60 / –
Guide = 300 / –

I contribute to the protection of the environment without littering everywhere.


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