Sonar Char can go in search of unearthly beauty.

This char is named as Sonar Char because every grain of sand looks like gold in the light of the sun.
Morning-afternoon-afternoon the whole island became abuzz with the chirping of birds. The water of the river and the sea has flooded all around. Sand glistening in the sunlight. The chirping of the guest birds flying over the island, adorned with nature, adds to the beauty of the beach. And the sound of the wind blowing through the Zhou Garden can be heard.

Sonar Char is a place of natural beauty in the southernmost part of Bangladesh, in the Patuakhali district, near the Bay of Bengal. There is a vast forest as well as a 10 km long beach. A beautiful view of nature filled with azure can be observed. The red crabs started running from the last afternoon. In addition, the island has many species of wildlife.
This char is named as Sonar Char because every grain of sand looks like gold in the light of the sun.



According to the Patuakhali Coastal Forest Department, the forest reserve has declared a sanctuary on February 28, 2012. Every day tourists come to this char to enjoy the diverse natural beauty. Although no one knows exactly when the char woke up, the total area of ​​the gold char is 6,000 acres (9.36 square miles). Here is a bit office of the forest department.



Sonar Char has a collection of species of trees like Keora, Geora, Kakra, Sundari, Golpata, Bain, Pashur, Zhao, etc. In winter, more than 10 lakh guest birds congregate in this char. Gangchil, Gangbutar, Balihans, Patihans, Siberian Red Hus, Pankauri, Buck, Madantak come here in winter. Hundreds of fishermen fish in the vicinity of this forest. Shrimp, Chhuri, Laita, Faisya, Bairagi, Ramchoch, Coral, Poma, Med, Tengra, Gulisha, Shaplapata, Praviti marine fish are found here. Apart from this, there are monkeys, geckos, otters, bejis, tigers, snakes, turtles, and crabs in the char forest.

How to go to Sonar Char

Patuakhali, known as Sagarkanya, is located near the Bay of Bengal. From there you have to reach Sonarchar by boat via the island state of Rangabali. Gahinkhali launch ghat has to be crossed two kilometers from Rangabali Upazila Sadar. From there it is about an hour by boat to Charmontaj Union. From Charmontaj, one more hour’s journey by trawler can be seen at Sonarchar.


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