Speaking of Tianjin travel.

Tianjin is one of the five largest cities in China. Cool air always blows in this town close to the sea coast. I have been going for a long time but I have not been able to go. Eventually, the test was over, the wife and children came from the country. This time friends and family all planned to visit Tianjin. We got on the bullet train to be in Beijing. I ran at bullet speed with the feeling of water on the soundless, shaking water.




Although the distance was like Dhaka-Chittagong, I reached in 30 minutes. Nemei is overwhelmed, what a combination of huge modern autralica and old historical installations. Haihi River along the center of Tianjin city. It will be less wide than our Buriganga. The river has been preserved for centuries with compassion and care. The city has previously been occupied by various superpowers divided into small jurisdictions (they say concessions). There they built their own schools, hospitals, administrative buildings, bars, army barracks, etc.




China has not knocked down any of them since its return. Left with absolute care. The countries with concessions are Russia, Britain, Japan, France, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy, and America. We were walking around town at first, but when the battery ran out (Rahin says it was like falling asleep in exhaustion), we took a taxi. These concessions are so fun to watch that if you go to the Italian Concession, you will feel like you have truly arrived in Italy. Looking at the fountains, architecture, works of art, it may seem that you are getting the company of Michelangelo or Vinci.

Duklo everyone at a famous Chinese restaurant at noon. My wife and I are fasting. Jury Raheen will be able to eat. The walls of the restaurant are adorned with Chinese culture. According to the monitor, Putin and Xi Jinping came here on a trip to China and ate. In the area where the market stalls are located, cars do not run. Tourists are all buying and selling on foot. In the afternoon we walked for 1 hour on Haihi river. There are various architectures standing on both sides with tradition and history. 30/40 seats on the ship.

Mostly European tourists. A presenter describes various installations in Chinese. I didn’t understand at all, so I paid attention to the scene. Through the transparent glass I saw the aesthetic Tianjin. It looks more beautiful in the evening when the lights are on. The kids are tired, exhausted, both of us. Our other 6 friends from that country, fatigue could not even touch them. Eat dinner in China at 5/6 in the afternoon. Our friends would eat dinner with us, waiting for us until iftar time. Then at the end of dinner at the train station. Now the light is on. The light shone like Tianjin Apsara. The train left at 9, Beijing at 9.30! This city needs to be seen to see how much beauty a river can give to a city.


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