Split (Croatia) Tour.

Everyone who has seen Game of Thrones is familiar with Danny’s widely used dialogue. Last year I went to see Kings Landing and this year I went to Danny’s Marine City.



This time the main purpose of going to Croatia was only to see Marine City. The Marine shooting spot is at Klis Fortress, about 18 km from the Split Center. So I booked AirBnB inside Split’s city center as planned. Since it was almost afternoon to arrive, I decided to go to Klis the next morning. I left my bag in the room and went out fresh to see Split City.



Split, a Croatian town surrounded by beaches and forts on the Dalmatian coast of the Adriatic Sea. As always, I went for a walk in the Old City, one of the attractions of the city. Rows and rows of palm trees are neatly arranged. Diocletian’s Palace was established during the Roman Empire in the 4th century. The white stone town has about 200 buildings with churches, cafes, bars, hotels, and houses. Anagona of countless tourists like us on the way to the thousand-year-old decay. That’s a strange feeling! It is surprising to think that so many years old tradition has been preserved without ruining it. But our traditional old Dhaka is turning into a death pit full of modern buildings and chemicals that are crumbling day by day! Why can’t we preserve our heritage !! ?? However, I looked around every nook and cranny of Split Old City. This beauty is not like expressing in words! I also bought some souvenirs while walking. Split port just opposite Old City. Compared to other cities in Croatia, Split seems quite expensive to us. However, if you want to go to the middle of the sea and watch the sunset with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, you can rent a boat for very little money. Due to unfavorable weather conditions, the boat was closed and we did not get the opportunity despite our desire.



The next day I checked out from AirBnB to see Klis Fortress Aka City of Meereen. Split’s bus stop has a very good arrangement for keeping bags, only 350 rupees for the whole day. So I left my bag and went to see Klis. Jhum rain as soon as you get off the bus, what else is there to have bad luck! Luckily, there was a coffee shop next door. I entered the coffee shop and ate coffee and waited for the rain to subside. When the rain subsided a little, I drove slowly down the winding mountain road to Klis Fortress. We walked for about 30 minutes to reach our desired destination. Klis Fortress has become quite famous like Duvrobnik due to being the shooting spot of Game of Thrones, so you have to buy a ticket and enter. Anagona of tourists was quite low though due to the rain. I went to Klis Fortress and dived into the sea of ​​imagination. In Season Six, the Ansalids stood here, Danny stood here, freed the slaves, and crucified the masters, and Varis and Tyrion Lannister joined Danny’s Small Council here. In many such scenes, a slide show started inside my head … In a room at Klis Fortress, pictures of Game of Thrones shootings were arranged, and a guide explained things to tourists. A stadium can be seen far away from Klis, the stadium was also erased with special effects, he did not forget to mention that. After spending the day at Klis Fortress, I returned to the city. By that time it was almost afternoon, I came to the city center, ate something light, picked up my bag, got on the bus, said goodbye to Split and started my journey to the new country …..



Appendix 6 Please keep the environment clean and tidy. Do not throw plastic bottles, polythene bags, tissues anywhere. Thanks


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